Strict speed checks in construction zones during major road works

    There will even be a mobile route control. And in Kortrijk they start with the trumpet connection. You will not be able to travel from and to Ypres from the ring R8 for two years.

    Trumpet connection R8-A19 in Kortrijk

    In Kortrijk a new interchange is being constructed on the R8 in connection with the A19. Work on the so-called trumpet connection will start on Monday. This should be a fully-fledged traffic interchange, without lights. Traffic on the R8 itself can continue after this weekend.

    “Two light-controlled intersections will be replaced and the trumpet connection is intended to ensure that traffic on the R8 inner ring no longer comes into conflict with traffic on the outer ring,” says Dirk Vanhuysse of Wegen and Traffic West Flanders.

    When that trumpet connection is ready, you simply drive to and from the exchanger in Moorsele without traffic lights. Until then, only traffic on the R8 itself can continue.

    “The connection of the A19 with the inner ring road R8 will be closed. Traffic from Ypres to Kortrijk and vice versa will have to make a detour via the E403 and then also the E17, at the entrance and exit complex of Aalbeke.”

    End of these works: mid 2024.

    Flash controls at works E403 between Moorsele and Roeselare

    A little further on, they are already working on temporary lines today. On the E403 preparations begin for the reconstruction of the road direction Bruges, between Moorsele and Roeselare.

    “The road was in very bad condition, and instead of carrying out minor repairs, the road surface will be completely renewed”.

    Next week the contractor will also open the central reservation in two places, a week later all traffic on one side will have to be on two narrowed lanes. And note:

    “With a speed limit of 70 per hour, which will be enforced very strictly. This will be enforced via the mobile speed camera and an application has also been made to install mobile route control”.

    The highway exit in Rumbeke from Kortrijk is closed all this time.

    Reconstruction N8 in Veurne

    The long-awaited works will also start on Monday Veurne on the N8, Iepersesteenweg. After years, the road is finally becoming safer: service roads for local traffic, making it easier for through traffic and cyclists on a separated path.

    “The works are of course drastic. It covers a distance of four kilometers, and 600 working days have been set aside for this, that is more than 2.5 years. There will always be through traffic possible on the N8, but always over narrowed lanes and with a speed limit of 50 per hour.”

    It should be clear: the construction leave is over on Monday, and long-awaited work can finally start.