Stefania Sandrelli in Venice 79: If I look back there is everything

S.tefania Sandrelli inside the eyes it brings all the charisma of that Venice that looks absorbed from the terrace of Villa Zavagli to the Lido, magical and melancholy at the same time. Perhaps cinema is the man she loved the most. A relationship born in divorce, in the Italian style, in 1961, and which continues to see her as the passionate protagonist of an endless story. “I go on to work, I certainly don’t feel like an ex: cinema is beautiful because it is generous, there is room for everyone. You have to give it commitment, dedication, make yourself responsible, I think I am all this because I put passion into it. I dedicate time, love and life to him “.

Stefania Sandrelli, the former lolita of Italian cinema turns 75

It is on Bianchi Award received by film journalists, he adds: “There is hardly any room in my house for awards, but I will certainly find one for this.” He has a sweet and maternal charisma. As with Francesca Archibugi at the time of Mignon has left, believes once again in the project of an emerging, Corrado Ceronwhich at the Lido presents Water and Anise, his first work. A story in motion, a dance hall road movie that tells the story of Olimpiaa seventy-year-old smoothie legend who decides to put his orchestra van back on the road to meet again the people who loved her.

Stefania Sandrelli in Water and Anise

The film touches on the theme of euthanasia. “It is also practiced in Italy, I know from personal experience. We are always so attentive to the quality of our existence, but sometimes we forget the importance of that of the end of life. More should be talked about. Even the Pope knows this well, as an intelligent person as he is, but he certainly cannot be expected to approve of it. Life is already so complex, full of unrealized rights, we should seriously think about improving it “. Pushes on a challenging topic, Water and Anisebut we also laugh a lot.

“How is Sandrelli on set?”, I ask the director, “she takes incredible care, she is humble, concentrated, she notices everything, is capable of creating ever new shades. She was good at taking off her diva’s coat to dress Olimpia’s, just as I imagined her ». If she could return to her places, Stefania, she would stop in Viareggio that she “has more cinemas than you asked for”, where her cinephile brother educated her to a passion that has become a profession. “When I made my first film with Germi, I already knew everything.”

Stefania Sandrelli in “Acqua e Anice”. (photo by Matteo Girola)

Grandfather Pietro, on the other hand, he was a music addict, a great lover of opera music. “I remember as a young girl, in makeup, they asked me why I had a spot on my cheekbone, like a small abrasion. The reason was him, he held me so tight to that thick and bristly beard while he sang Puccini’s operas to leave their mark, in every sense “. So much so that last year she made her debut as a director of Tosca, in his beloved Torre del Lago: “An overflowing emotion, a dream”. Perhaps because he was the right hand man Rocco Roca-Reyadored nephew and budding lyricist, son of Amanda.

“He never disowned me,” says Tinto Brass

“Do you know that Amanda was conceived right here? It was January, it was crazy cold, with Gino (Paoli) we were for the first time on holiday in the Lagoon. We went out, with our coat and scarf, and then returned immediately. What else could possibly happen to the two of us locked in there for a week? ‘ He smiles and gestures, his fingers always seem to create pirouettes in the air. Stefania Sandrelli is as you imagine, Tinto Brass also confirms this.

«She is a sensual and generous woman, as well as intelligent and ironic. She is female, and then she has a great merit: he never disowned me. Cheerful, ironic, sensual, free. A great actress, of course, she was also a great actress before working with me. I simply took out her sensual charge, exhibited it. I have an incredible affection for her, we love each other very much. He was able to represent what eros is, that is, liberation, rejection of hypocrisy and respectability. Mastroianni, kissing her on the boat in a scene from Italian divorce he tells her that life begins at forty. I feel like I was the key to her turning point in valorization of that image so feminine and powerful“.