Great opportunity for Regensburg

    After a good initial phase by the hosts, Regensburg got the game under control, mainly thanks to their offensive pressing, and quickly took the lead. Breitkreutz headed in from a corner to make it 1-0. After that, Jahn played superiorly and could have scored more goals than the 2-0 after a counterattack by Guware.

    Even in the second half, the guests stayed focused and superior. Boukhalfa quickly made it 3-0 with a shot from the penalty area. The game was decided prematurely.

    Sandhausen has to play in Karlsruhe on the 20th matchday on Sunday (January 23, 2022), Regensburg then receives parallel to Holstein Kiel.

    Status: 01/16/2022, 15:21


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