SS 2023 pink nails: blush nails arrive from Korea

Pjust like a touch of blush immediately gives freshness to the cheeks, too pink nails can make the manicure special and romantic: after lipgloss nailsnaked and glossed, here comes the blush nails, pink And degraded. Not yet another Tik Tok trend – even if on the social network loved by Gen Z, thehashtags #blushnails has around 50 million view – rather one of the most seen moods on the SS 2023 catwalks, from Westwood to Luisa Spagnoli.

Pink nails: the blush nails effect is here

«Pink nail polish is one of the best-selling in the world», she says Fabiana Avenuecreator of the brand Faby. But be careful, never assume you know how to wear it. Nail shape and length make all the difference.

«The pinks bon tonchypre, ancient, muted and naked they go well with short nails with a rounded shape. While the brightest and most decisive pink enamels, tending towards pink and fuchsia, they go well with silhouette more elongated and almond-shaped», underlines the expert. After all, if you want to go overboard, it’s better to go all the way.

Pink nails: how blush nails are done

The effect blush nails comes from korea e it represents a sort of reinterpretation of the style shade. But with one difference: the full color touch doesn’t necessarily have to be on the tip of the nail or near the cuticles but also central or lateral. Starting with this then the pink is blended towards its other lighter shades. It is clear that to realize this trend, more glazes are needed, possibly also to be mixed together precisely to create the right gradation.

«In Italy, in this period, however, drafting is very popular baby boomersa variation on the theme of french manicureViale explains.

How is it accomplished? «The white is shaded starting from the tip of the nail towards the center until it merges with a baby pinkcreating a pleasant shade from the white to the pink».

Floral patterns, colorful French and pastel shades: spring nails

Floral patterns, colorful French and pastel shades: spring nails

Pink nails, not to go unnoticed

«With pink you can really give vent to your creativity. There are so many shades that it’s impossible not to find tone-on-tone nail art that fits your style. The important thing is to use your imagination fully, perhaps drawing lines, simple geometric shapes, polka dots, or brushing in a messy way contrasting shades of pink».

For a better result «I recommend creating your own nail art on elongated nails with square or oval, almond or stiletto shapes. It is very important that the nail design respects the structure of the hand», says Viale.

How to make a long lasting pink manicure

Once you have made the blush nails it is important to seal everything with a top coat.

Again, let your imagination run wild: they range from the classic ones, with a glass effect, to the glittery ones up to the opacifying formulas. Of course, nothing prevents you from playing with different finishes on the same hand. But that’s another topic: it’s called a trend mismatched.