Sparkling orange mocktail for Easter breakfast

But I find alcohol at breakfast quite intense. That’s why I share a sparkling and alcohol-free drink with you. You can use squeezed oranges, but also blood oranges. Ginger gives extra spice and the sparkling water makes it festive. Delicious for Easter breakfast, or for brunch with friends.

For 2 glasses

2 (blood) oranges

150ml sparkling water

2 cm ginger

This is how you make it:

Squeeze the oranges and collect the juice in a measuring cup. Strain out the seeds and pulp.

Cut off the skin of the ginger and finely grate the ginger. Add the grated ginger to the orange juice. Also add the sparkling water. Pour into glasses and add an ice cube if desired. Serve with a slice of (blood) orange. Cheers!