Sole ruler Bloemendaal hard way dethroned as champion by Pinoké

Pinoké’s men have caused a huge stunt in the final against Bloemendaal. The Amstelveners won 4-0, taking their first title. It was in the previous meeting: 1-1. Bloemendaal had already become champion of the major league hockey for three years in a row.

The final battle was still very exciting in the first quarter, but without great opportunities. That changed in the second. Pinoké got four penalty corners in a row. It was mainly thanks to goalkeeper Maurits Visser that it remained 0-0. Moments later, he also made a good save on a bet by Miles Bukkens.

In the counter-punch, Bloemendaal, which was crowned champion in the past three years, also became dangerous. Jasper Brinkman forced Hidde Brink to a save from a penalty corner. Just before the break it was still hit for the Sting noses. Marlon Landbrug tipped the ball in hard after a deflected penalty corner: 0-1.

After the break Bloemendaal insisted more and more. Jorrit Croon darted past opponents and tapped the ball hard towards the goal. Defender Daan Bonhof took his bet off the line. Moments later, Dennis Warmerdam had a great chance. It was blocked by Luca Wolff. The home team thought it would be 1-1 via Roel Bovendeert, but the video referee stopped that.

Cracks in success story

The end of the Bloemendaal hegemony hung by a thread in the last quarter. Alexander Hendrickx first made it 2-0 and Landbrug also scored the 3-0 a few minutes later. The joy erupted completely when Morris de Vilder scored 4-0.