Many young people who have just received their driver’s license dream of owning a car, but shy away from the high purchase price. But what they don’t know: Obtaining a car is often more expensive than the purchase itself. Because the insurance, the petrol or the regular checks can eat up a significant part of the salary. And if something needs to be repaired, there are also costs involved, which can be quite high – if you’re not careful.

    expensive mistakes

    Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) has determined that German drivers spend an average of up to 440 euros a year on repairs and maintenance of their cars. And that amount doesn’t even include accident repairs. Nevertheless, these are costs that cannot be avoided, because something always breaks. But if you pay close attention and keep an eye on the situation, you can save a lot of money.

    For example, the Gesamtverband Autoteile-Handel eV advises that you can also find out about car parts on the open market and not only from the car manufacturers themselves. You don’t draw any disadvantages from this – on the contrary: parts made available by the supplier usually bring the same result Performance as from the manufacturer. In addition, they are cheaper. Furthermore, drivers often visit manufacturer-affiliated workshops because they fear that they will have problems with the warranty. But that is not justified: only whoever causes the problem pays in the case of a warranty, but not when checks or repairs are carried out.

    Caution: workshop traps

    But the high costs are not only due to the individual parts or repairs, they can often be traced back to cheating on the part of the workshop. For example, if the washer fluid does not necessarily have to be topped up, but this is done in the workshops anyway and you are left with the costs. Or when the more expensive variant of a rain sensor is offered when the windshield is replaced, although the old one can simply be attached to the new windshield.

    Last but not least, you should check the workshop invoice carefully and discuss with the respective workshop what is meant by the respective points. Checks such as a test drive or brake test are already included in the inspection package and may not be billed separately – which does happen. You should also ask what is meant by “small parts” or “consumables”. If the car mechanics cannot provide any information about this, the points are illegal and may not be deducted.

    tackle it yourself

    If you are a skilled craftsman and want to avoid repair costs, you can also do it yourself. There are a number of repairs or maintenance that you can actually do yourself. For example, changing winter and summer tires. If you have some basic knowledge and a torque wrench, then you have the perfect conditions.

    You can also take care of washing the car yourself, which is essential for the good preservation of a vehicle: “A clean engine is much less prone to malfunctions and repairs,” as Eberhard Lang from TÜV SÜD said, according to BILD. Even minor paint damage, changing air filters or replacing indicator and parking light bulbs is something for those with a talent for craftsmanship.

    However, you can save the most money by being careful with your vehicle. If you drive carefully, observe the rules and take care of your car regularly, you have the best chance of breaking something less often.

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