Philipp Aschenwald (AUT) vs. Jan Hoerl (AUT)

    It goes into the purely Austrian duel. Philipp Aschenwald experienced a bad qualification and now he has a lot to do with the prevailing tailwind and ends up at 112 meters early. Team colleague Jan Hörl has it similar, but makes a lot more of it and brings the 122.5 meters. He drops a few points for a shaky landing, but can still move up to fourth place. Aschenwald can hope for the Lucky Loser. He is now fifth there and throws Leyhe out.


    Muhammed Ali Bedir (TUR) vs. Peter Prevc (SLO)

    The gap is getting bigger in the last duels and so Muhammed Ali Bedir with his 101.5 meters has no chance today to reach the final of the top 50. Peter Prevc then delivered 117 meters with a tailwind and ranked in the top ten.


    Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN) vs Lovro Kos (SLO)

    Junshiro Kobayashi also has good conditions and can at least put down the 115 meters. But that wouldn’t be enough for the Lucky Loser, he has to hope that Kos will crash now. However, he does not do him this favor and knocks down the 125.5 meters. Does he pass Granerud? No! With 1.5 points, he remains just behind the Norwegian.


    Constantin Schmid (GER) vs. Michael Hayboeck (AUT)

    In a duel with ÖSV eagle Michael Hayböck, Constantin Schmid is to be assessed as the weaker jumper. Now he’s caught quite decent conditions and can still get 117 meters out despite a late jump. Hayböck then has it even better and can slam the 128 meters into the slope. 5.8 points were deducted for the good conditions, which is why he ended up staying behind Granerud despite the good distance. Schmid can hope for the Lucky Loser. He is currently third there.


    Decker Dean (USA) vs. Philipp Raimund (GER)

    As a weaker jumper, Decker Dean has no chance with a tailwind and with 106.5 meters it won’t be for him in the final either. Raimund also has to struggle afterwards, but is easily ahead with 116.5 meters. He ranks ninth in the interim ranking thanks to the plus points for the tailwind.


    Ren Nikaido (JPN) vs Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)

    Ren Nikaido has a lot of tailwind and if the form isn’t right then you have zero options! At 93.5 meters, he delivered the shortest jump of the day so far. Daniel Tschofenig is his duel opponent and still makes it to 117 meters. Not bad in these conditions. The ÖSV jumper is in sixth place, while Nikaido is eliminated.


    Francesco Cecon (ITA) vs. Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)

    But now all eyes go up. In the next knockout duel it is Halvor Egner Granerud’s turn. Cecon can stand 107.5 meters and shouldn’t be the hurdle. But what can he submit against Kubacki? Difficult conditions, he’s unlucky and has to cross the Bakken with a tailwind. Granerud tries to get everything out and can still get 123 meters out. He initially goes to the first position.


    Leitner disqualified!

    Clemens Leitner is out! The Austrian is currently being disqualified because the suit is too big. With that, Ziga Jelar still slips into the final round.


    Fatih Arda İpcioğlu (TUR) vs. Manuel Fettner (AUT)

    Fatih Arda İpcioğlu opens the next duel. The Turk can always unpack a good jump, but just as many go wrong. So does this one. He is good at the top, but at the bottom he exaggerates completely and has real difficulties in the second part of the flight and has to lose points. Fettner should be able to crack 113.5 meters. After landing, he was really annoyed because he completely exaggerated at the take-off and really had a template. But with 124.5 meters he saves a great distance and takes second place behind Zajc.


    Yukiya Sato (JPN) vs. Andreas Wellinger (GER)

    With Andreas Wellinger, the next German jumper is already in demand. In his duel, the Japanese submits Yukiya Sato. However, he comes off the table completely twisted and, at 108 meters, does not pose a major hurdle. What does Wellinger follow now? A really good try! The 27-year-old gets off the table much better and can put the 120 meters in the snow. 1.9 points are deducted for the wind, in posture he consistently takes the 18.0 with him. Where does he get that? fourth place. It continues to lead Zajc, who had his turn in the first duel. Sato is eliminated because his distance is not enough for the lucky loser either.


    Gregor Deschwanden (SUI) vs. Markus Eisenbichler (GER)

    Gregor Deschwanden has to assert himself against Markus Eisenbichler. What can the Swiss submit? None of his best attempts. In good conditions, he has some difficulties delivering a clean technique in the first meters after the table and lands after 112 meters. Deschwanden shakes his head in disappointment and a little later it is also clear that he will be eliminated! Markus Eisenbichler does not deliver the best jump here on the Bergisel, has to do with slightly changing winds in flight, but is certainly further with 117 meters.

    1:48 p.m

    Domen Prevc (SLO) vs. Stephan Leyhe (GER)

    Domen Prevc uses good upwind in his jump and bad downright down the slope. After the Slovenian’s 118 meters, Leyhe now has to unpack a good attempt to make it work. The conditions aren’t bad for him either, but the jump doesn’t work out and he lands early after 114.5 meters. He loses the duel and has to hope for the lucky losers.

    1:47 p.m

    Clemens Leitner (AUT) vs. Ziga Jelar (SLO)

    Clemens Leitner has not yet been able to show his top jumps in Innsbruck. With 112 meters he submits against his duel opponent. The can follow 112.5 meters. Who gets ahead? It’s Leitner, because he got some points in wind compensation, so his attempt was worth more.

    1:45 p.m

    Kevin Maltsev (EST) vs Vilho Palosaari (FIN)

    Kevin Maltsev is lucky with a lot of headwind, but in the end he can’t take advantage of it and has to stop landing at 113.5 meters. A little later, Vilho Palosaari can’t unpack his best attempt either and the landing comes after 109 meters. Due to the smaller deductions for the wind, it will be a close decision, but in the end Palosaari is eliminated.


    Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal (NOR) vs. Antti Aalto (FIN)

    The next Norwegian is already in demand. Where is Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal headed? He really gets a tailwind and doesn’t really stand a chance when he’s let off. He is mercilessly pushed onto the slope! 102.5 meters, he can’t get more out of these conditions. Shortly afterwards it’s Aalto’s turn from Finland and he’s on the upswing! With 115.5 meters he easily prevails. Seems that after a fairly stable rehearsal, things will unfortunately become more changeable now for the competition. Luck is also required there.

    1:40 p.m

    Anders Fannemel (NOR) vs Artti Aigro (EST)

    Anders Fannemel is still struggling in the World Cup after a long injury break, but has received the trust of the coaches and can show himself at the Four Hills Tournament. How is it going for the 31-year-old on the Bergisel? Unfortunately not at all! After a good rehearsal, he now falls completely and after massive mistakes at the table, it’s over after 106 meters. Artti Aigro from Estonia jumped 113.5 meters and was clearly ahead of Fannemel. He can be happy about his next points while Fannemel is eliminated.


    Danil Vasilyev (KAZ) vs. Pawel Wasek (POL)

    Danil Vassilyev is the blatant outsider in his duel, although both athletes were close in qualifying. Now, however, things don’t quite go right for Vassilyev and he comes in early after 110 meters to land. Wasek didn’t miss this chance and entered the final with 119.5 meters.


    Vladimir Zografski (BUL) vs Robert Johansson (NOR)

    It continues with the next duel. Vladimir Zografski actually likes the facility in Innsbruck, but doesn’t set the bar very high with 116 meters against Robert Johansson. Johansson should normally be able to crack that. The veteran does then too. Although the timing at the take-off table isn’t right, he can still jump 120.5 meters and wins the duel. In the overall standings, he ranks third behind Żyła.


    Piotr Zyla (POL) vs Naoki Nakamura (JPN)

    Piotr Żyła has an early turn after a poor qualifying jump and advances against Nakamura. With 120.5 meters he manages a solid attempt, which will not please him, especially in comparison to Zajc. Nakamura has a hard time with more tailwind and doesn’t get much further than 114 meters. He has to hope for the losers list.


    Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN) vs Timi Zajc (SLO)

    It goes straight into the first mating. If everything fits together, both Ryoyu Kobayashi and Zajc are capable of long jumps. Zajc proved that again earlier in the rehearsal, in which he was third and is a favorite in this pairing. Kobayashi submits, but has to land after 114 meters. Timi Zajc does not come close to his test distance, but brings down a good 122.5 meters and is the clear winner of the duel. Kobayashi, on the other hand, will have to tremble, because it could also be difficult with his distance over the lucky loser.


    Granerud wins the practice round

    In the practice round, Halvor Egner Granerud showed that he didn’t let his poorer qualifying jump unsettle him. With 129.5 meters he managed the longest jump of the round. After 127 meters, Dawid Kubacki landed 3.5 points behind. Timi Zajc was already 9.1 points behind.


    Deschwanden for Switzerland

    For Switzerland, only Gregor Deschwanden is at the start of the Four Hills Tournament. The lone fighter survived the qualification with a solid jump and meets DSV jumper Markus Eisenbichler in the first round today.


    Seven ÖSV eagles at the home game

    The Austrians didn’t have anything to report against high-flyer Kubacki in yesterday’s qualification either, but they were able to get some of their athletes in at the front. Stefan Kraft, Jan Hörl and Michael Hayböck in particular can expect a lot from today’s competition. Daniel Tschofenig and Manuel Fettner also presented themselves well. Clemens Leitner came through as 33rd in qualifying. It was close for Philipp Aschenwald, who finished 44th and therefore had to play against teammate Hörl today.


    Geiger is eliminated in qualifying

    The German team experienced a big surprise of a negative kind yesterday. Karl Geiger can finally bury his hopes of a good result in the overall standings. The man from Oberstdorf lost 0.2 points in qualifying for the competition. The best German in qualifying was Philipp Raimund in eleventh place. He also secured a feasible opponent for the knockout stages. But Andreas Wellinger, Markus Eisenbichler and Stephan Leyhe also get opponents who should defeat them under normal circumstances. For Constantin Schmid and Pius Paschke the leap into the final will be more difficult. They have to play against the ÖSV stars Hayböck and Kraft.


    How well does Innsbruck fit for the tour leader?

    Innsbruck is now a hill waiting for Halvor Egner Granerud, on which he has never jumped into the top ten in a competition before. The best result in the World Cup is a 15th place. The Bergisel-Schanze, which is known for a large spread, could once again tip the scales, because the competition Kubacki has done brilliantly here so far. The Pole won yesterday’s qualifier, while Granerud finished 13th on less lift and a weaker jump.


    Granerud with point pad

    Halvor Egner Granerud has jumped into the role of favorite for overall victory in the first two competitions of the Four Hills Tournament. The Norwegian won the two competitions in Germany with ease and leads the overall standings with 616.1 points and 26.8 points ahead of Dawid Kubacki. Piotr Żyła is already 50.1 points behind Granerud. Anze Lanisek, who dropped a lot of points in the first competition in Oberstdorf, is fourth with a gap of 51.4 points. The Germans Karl Geiger and Andreas Wellinger as well as Daniel Tschofenig are already far behind in positions five to seven.


    Hello and welcome to the Four Hills Tournament from Innsbruck! The live ticker begins in good time before the start.