THEThe veil is gone, neither are the glasses. In its place Sister Christina sports a careful make up and nose ring. Her voice has always remained the same but don’t call her a nun anymore: now she is alone Cristina Scuccia. The winner of The Voice of Italy 2014indeed, he left the consecrated life to follow the path of music.

    Sister Cristina, the story

    Born in 1988 in Vittoria, in the province of Ragusa and raised in Comiso, also in the Ragusa area, the nun with an enchanting voice moved and stunned the audience right from auditioning for the talent show The Voice of Italy presenting the cover of No One by Alicia Keys. The video of the performance garnered more than 90 million views on YouTube in one week. During of the Rai 2 talent show edition that saw her triumph, he duetted with the likes of Ricky Martin and Kylie Minogue. On and off the small screen, the nun became a music star.

    Goodbye to the veil

    Something, however, has changed over the years. In the living room of Very true, interviewed by Silvia Toffanin, Cristina said she had left religious life. She specifying, however, that she does not intend to abandon her path of faith and that she is grateful for all that she has experienced up to now. «If I look back I look at my journey with a deep sense of gratitude» says Cristina Scuccia. «Change is a sign of evolution but it’s always scary because it’s easier to anchor yourself to your own certainties rather than questioning yourself. Is there a right or wrong? I believe that with courage one should only listen to one’s heart!».

    The musical career

    After the talent win, it all started for her a musical career in which he collects one success after another. Anticipated by the cover of Like a virgin by Madonna, her first album was released in December 2014 Sister Christina (Universal Music Italy). The following year she is in the cast of Sister Actthe musical directed by Saverio Marconi in which she takes on the role of Sister Maria Roberta, while in 2016 she is among the protagonists of Titanic – The Musical. Also in 2016 he participates in the World Youth Day in Poland where he performs in front of more than 2 million peopletakes the stage of the Wroclaw stadium in Wroclaw (Poland) for the concert Singing Europe and is in the cast of the Christmas concert at the Lincoln Center in New York, a charity event of the diocese of Brooklyn in support of the Futures in Education project.

    Sister Cristina yesterday and today (Ansa)

    Together with the singer Swiss Patric Scott in 2018 made a cover of Hallelujah from Leonard Cohen. In the same year release the single Happy, which anticipates his second album with the same title and which he presents live on the occasion of the JoyFest 2018 – Eucharist Seminars Festival in Jakarta. More than 200,000 young people attended his concert in Brazil on the occasion of the 2018 Halleluya Festival. In June 2019 he took the stage at the ForrásPont International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, while in August 2021 he took part in the Festiwal Muzyki Chrześcijańskiej Jasna Góra in Częstochowa (Poland).

    His voice reaches abroad, where he is hosted in various television broadcasts to speak of his deep faith and strong passion for music as The Voice And Le Grand Show de Calogero in France, Helene Fisher Show in Germany and Today Show in the United States. In 2019 she is among the competitors of the American talent show The World’s Best aired on CBS and of the 14th edition of Dancing with the Stars.

    Today she is a waitress in Spain

    Not only the outward appearance, the former nun has radically changed her whole life by choosing to go and live abroad. «Today I live in Spain and I’m a waitress» he said during the interview. Pointing out that the basis of the decision to leave the consecrated life is not the success that has instead favored a “path of growth”. Without hiding that he also hopes for love: “It’s not a priority but I always believe in it”.