Milana Misic got married in Croatia.

    Singer Milana Misic said her will with her lover Juha. Pete Anikari

    Iskelmä star Milana Misic, 51, has married Juha– with his beloved. Milana posted a picture of herself in a stunning white wedding dress on her own Instagram account.

    The singer’s head is decorated with a colorful flower wreath and the sunlight hits her face beautifully.

    The married couple said their will to each other on the island of Lopud in Croatia. The wedding venue has an important meaning for the singer, as her father, Milan Mišić, is Croatian.

    – Today we received a blessing for marriage on the indescribably beautiful island of Lopud in Croatia. So happy. And the picture has not been processed, the sun was shining quite nicely, Milana writes in connection with the picture.

    If the image is not visible, you can view it from here.

    Milana and Juha got engaged in January 2020. Before this, they had already been together for three years. The romantic proposal took place on a trip to Dubai.

    Milana has also made a career as an optician. Pete Anikari

    – Juha asked me to leave it to a quieter area. He knelt down and dug out the ring. I was hit on the head with a tree! Milana told Iltalehti at the time.

    – We had talked before that I would say “yes” if asked. However, both of them already have long relationships behind them, so we had discussed whether we would still be ready for such a big commitment. However, the proposal came as a complete surprise.

    Milana has had a long career as a singer. His first album was released in the fall of 1991. In 2011, he tried to be Finland’s Eurovision representative with the song My heart has two countries. He has also been seen in the Autumn tone competition in 2013.