cs over the years many celebs have confirmed – from the Kardashian sisters to Victoria Beckham via Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner – to use the silk pillowcase is not just a diva whim. From niche object to beauty fetish on TikTok, success of silk pillowcases was slow but constant, thanks to the beauty properties of this particular texture on skin and hair.

    The beauty properties of silk pillowcases

    Silk is a sumptuous fabric and above all hypoallergenic: Less easily attracts dust mites, mold and other invisible to the naked eye allergens potentially present in the home. Furthermore it is thermoregulatory, a detail not to be underestimated especially during summer nights when the side of the pillow keeps changing due to the heat. But these are just some of its benefits.

    This fabric is made up of sericin proteins, which, in addition to covering, bonding and protecting functions for the fibres, have moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Rubbing pampers the skin, without dehydrating it. Also, silk does not absorb nighttime routine products applied to the skin, and prevents the appearance of the so-called pillow wrinkles typical of other fabrics.

    Kim Kardashian, silk pillowcase fan (@kimkardashian Instagram)

    Silk, an anti-frizz ally for super smooth hair

    Not only benefits for the skin: the silk helps minimize friction and dehydration of the hair. In fact, the particular structure of the fabric does not break the stem and the hair appears decidedly thicker, less tangled and softer. Seeing is believing.

    How to choose the most suitable pillowcase

    So given all the benefits, How to choose the right pillowcase for yourself? Starting from the “mommes”, the traditional unit of measurement used to weigh and ascertain the quality of different silk fabrics.

    From the calculation of the mommes we understand how comfortable a silk derivative can be. The indicative value is 19under the silk it is not soft enough to be used for bed linen because it is not of good quality: the higher the value rises the softer and more valuable the fabric.