Sigrid Kaag whether or not to Today Inside? ‘I would not do it!’

Sigrid Kaag has not yet responded to the invitation from Today Inside to join tonight’s or Friday evening’s broadcast. “I wouldn’t do it if I were her.”

© SBS, Martijn Beekman/RVD

Today Inside has kept politicians out for a long time, but when the program announced the arrival of Mark Rutte, they could no longer hold on to it. Caroline van der Plas sat at the table yesterday and Hugo de Jonge will join us tomorrow. All three conservative politicians. Where are the party leaders from the progressive corner?

Angela canceled?

Sigrid Kaag has received an invitation to come by tonight or Friday evening, but has not yet agreed. Angela de Jong is currently lined up for tonight, but she was canceled yesterday when it turned out that Caroline wanted to come. “I think it’s completely logical that they put her in my place,” she responds in the AD Media podcast.

Colleague Marcus den Blanken: “But would it have been good if Sigrid Kaag, for example, had sat there?”

Angela: “I would have found that even more exciting. I wouldn’t advise it. Maybe tomorrow (today, ed.). Who knows, maybe I’ll be called off. I understand that Sigrid Kaag has also been invited for this broadcast.”

Colleague Dennis Jansen: “And for Friday.”


Angela would find it exciting if Kaag comes to VI. “Guys, why don’t we sit in front of the TV with popcorn? But would you advise her to do it?”

Dennis: “No, I don’t.”

Angela: “No, neither do I.”

Marcus: “I do. Well, Derksen is the enemy so to speak, so you sit in the enemy’s place. Whatever he does, it won’t be pretty for either of them, but that will still get you the sympathy. I think so.”

Nothing to gain

Angela: “No, but I don’t think she has that much to gain from it. Because I don’t think anyone sees her sitting there and then thinks: oh, I like her, she dared, so I’m going to vote for her now.

It would be ‘awkward’, thinks Angela. “Yes that. Yes, I’m just thinking of a comparison. Just like seeing Kees van der Staaij at Gay Pride. That would be about it, I think. Yes, some things you just shouldn’t do. And then you just have to know that that is not your place.”

Fierce criticism

Sigrid Kaag and Today Inside regularly criticize each other fiercely. After the candle riot last year, she was pleased with the decision that the gentlemen would stop. When the program did return, she reacted a bit irritated. Rob Goossens then shouted that she had to shut up.

Coalition colleague Mark Rutte, who will visit VI on Monday, has no problem with VI. “It’s just a really nice program, isn’t it?”