Much discussed at the moment and now actually at the top of the vinyl charts in December: Sido’s album PAUL (2022). Without a mask and with his civil first name as the title, the musician wants to break the taboo on mental illnesses and inner fears on his new production. Number 2, as you might expect, covers Taylor Swift’s critically acclaimed and award-winning MIDNIGHTS (2022). Compared to November, Swift even slipped up three places.

    December: returnees and rap

    Overall, the rap genre seems to have been very popular in 2022: With Sido, an act from this genre is now at the top for the eighth time. Before that it was Casper, Cro, Dendemann, Fler, Yung Hurn, Beginner and KIZ

    Exactly half of the placements are returnees who have already adorned the vinyl charts with their releases in the past few months. Harry Styles, for example, holds number 3 with HARRY’S HOUSE (2022) and Queens GREATEST HITS (2011 remastered) takes fifth place. Apart from Sido’s first place, there are other new German-language releases from 2022, including 100,000 songs – LIVE IN HAMBURG by Thees Uhlmann (4), Rammstein’s ZEIT (7), KARGO by Kraftklub (11), WER HAT HIER SCHLECHTE LAUNE by Max Raabe (13) and arrest warrant with MAINPARK BABY (17).

    The fans are already heating up

    It’s hardly surprising that Lana Del Rey’s BORN TO DIE (14, released 2012) and METALLICA (2020, released 1991) are included in the lineup: Both artists have announced a new work for 2023 – the fans already seem to be listening warmly .

    Here is an overview of the entire top 20:

    The top 20 vinyl charts for December (Source: GfK Entertainment GmbH)

    The Top 20 of the Official German Vinyl Charts for December (2nd to 29th December) were determined by GfK Entertainment on behalf of the Bundesverband Musikindustrie eV. The monthly hit lists are based on the sales and usage data of 2,800 retailers.

    The first-placed record PAUL can be heard here: