Status: 11/18/2022 3:35 p.m

    Short tracker Anna Seidel had a strong start to the season. However, she does not want to set herself any big goals.

    Anna Seidel is practically the sole entertainer in the German short track team. around a”having a bit of competition in training too“She stayed in the USA after the good start to the World Cup in Salt Lake City. “There are a lot of strong girls here that I can train with“, says the 24-year-old in the Sportschau interview. She includes Kristen Santos-Griswold and Corrine Stoddard, with whom she is also friends.

    Finally training without pain

    The shape fits quite well. The injury problems after her tibia and fibula fracture in 2021 have been overcome, and she has also survived a corona infection well. Last weekend she promptly made her first step onto the podium. She finished second in the 1,500m. The Dresdener had previously beaten the German record over 1,000 meters that she set in 2019.

    I’m no longer injured, that’s been the theme for the last few years“, explains Seidel. “I was able to just train and wasn’t in pain“. And maybe it’s also going well because in a post-Olympic season the pressure is gone for the time being. You can end the season with “enjoy more fun and joy” says Seidel.

    No goals but…

    After things didn’t go so well at her third Olympics, the 24-year-old thought about hanging up her skates. She spoke of “too much pressure.” She couldn’t figure it out. “I would definitely wish that there was a larger team so that it could be spread out a bit.” Now the 24-year-old wants to try, “a cool head during the highlights” to preserve.

    Simply stopping was out of the question for her. So keep going, but without pressure and without concrete goals. However: “A medal at the European Championships would be nice, and in any case the top ten at the World Championships, but preferably much, much further up. However, this goal setting and pressure has not worked so well recently. So I’m just trying to show my best“.