Time proved that the problem was not “officials who do not work” (as the vice president publicly pointed out in October 2020) but the Government’s own design. The changes that are glimpsed aim to find a new point of balance in the coalition’s decision-making process. Everything indicates that a different scenario could be seen: the president Alberto Fernandez lateralized, to Serge Massa empowered already a Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner not vetoing an eventual pragmatic turn.

    the brand new super minister of economy, Recognized by his peers as a professional politician, he is precisely the recipient of public opinion’s bad mood according to recent polls. Perhaps that is why he sees, at this juncture of economic and social crisis, an opportunity for redemption, an all-or-nothing bet to save his political fortunes by rescuing the collapse government. Perhaps his weakness is his strength. The one who has the least to lose risks more. The price of his shares fell with those of the Government and is already at minimum thresholds, after the pandemic, where had the highest peak. Hence the confidence of the former mayor of Tigre in the audacity and in the generation of expectations in the face of resignation and apathy within the Everyone’s front.

    Machiavelli said: “Fortune is a woman and goes with the brave.” Sergio Massa will use all the strength of his seduction. Time and reality will tell the rest.

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