Sentenced to 27 years in prison for abusing six girls in exchange for hamburgers

  • The Supreme Court certifies that the 73-year-old defendant committed six crimes of corruption of minors and four of continued sexual abuse of minors.

He supreme court has confirmed the conviction of 26 years and 11 months in prison for a 73-year-old man for corrupting and sexually abusing six minors to whom he paid money or bought clothes and hamburgers in exchange for allowing sexual acts. The Criminal Chamber has handed down a sentence that rejects the appeal of the convicted person against the resolution of the Court of Barcelona for six crimes of corruption of minors and four of continued sexual abuse of minors.

In addition to the prison sentence, which expires at 21 years, the Supreme Court ratifies five years of freedom supervised and the prohibition to communicate by any means or approach the victims for five more years of the crime that has been convicted by each of the minors and compensation of €18,000 two of the victims.

The sentence considers proven that between the years 2013 and 2015the condemned “with lustful mood and taking advantage of the disproportion of age with respect to minors” he approached them under the pretext of reading tarot cards and having a conversation in the park or in other places in his city.

In the course of the relationship he established with them, he asked the minors for sexual practices in exchange for payments of between 5 and 10 euros or take them to eat at a hamburger or buy clothes. In addition, the convicted person even went so far as to look for one of them at the institute to continue the abuse or to stop another on the street and with the excuse that he was going to give her a gift for a friend, he made her get into the car and cover her eyes. eyes with a rag to end up in a garage and try to abuse her.

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In his appeal, the convicted person alleges “serious and insurmountable contradictions” in which the statements of the victims are incurred.

The Supreme Court responds that “it is normal that all the statements do not coincide” because “it must be taken into account that there are no less than six minors, who testified several times in the investigation and then in plenary, on many occasions ( some describes more than 20 times) in which the acts of sexual content of the defendant took place and varying the assistants”. “But it should be noted that the statements are substantially constant and that there is a logical connection between them,” adds the Chamber.