Secret Agent Harry Palmer does not arrive in Helsinki, but his boss arrives.

    William Dalby arrives in Helsinki with a false identity. He is supposedly a teacher of Charles Taylor. Yle

    Secret Agent Harry Palmer British Series in tonight’s episode Harry’s boss William Dalby travels to Helsinki. His passport will bear a stamp in clear Finnish with the following inscriptions: “Arrived, Finland Finland, May 29, 1963, Helsinki.” The airport will read “Welcome to Helsinki”.

    Most obviously, Dalby takes the bus to the center in the field, as he will next be seen leaving the bus for secret things in a large park – and a telephone booth there. Next door is an open-air café where a waitress serves foreign agents overshadowing Dalby.

    – And what should it be? the waitress also speaks Finnish.

    At this point, the weather looks chilly, but still spring. Perhaps there could be such airspace in the capital at the ear of summer, although that is not very likely. There are no leaves in the trees yet. But then the real confusion begins, as the landscape suddenly turns into winter. There is enough snow and slush, which is already thick.

    Harry Palmer is a character created by Len Deighton who has now jumped from the pages of the book to television. Yle

    Apart from this drawback, everything else is not right. The park doesn’t look Finnish at all, nor do the streets where Dalby manages to shed Followers from his hocks.

    It is also unbelievable that people wear their furs in winter right down to their hats at the end of May.

    Perhaps the authors have only had an idea of ​​what it is like in Finland. Nor, of course, does it help that the series is not described here. The scenes in Helsinki have been canned in Croatia. It will be revealed by the director of the series and the corresponding producer James Watkins in the press material.

    – There are scenes in the series where Dalby travels by car through a snowy forest in Helsinki. They were filmed in Croatia in February. I knew there was snow in the harbor at the time, so I suggested we put the drone to work and get a car – and just wait for the snow, Watkins describes how he works.

    The US air base is not really located in the series on the island of Sopinofu, but in Croatia on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Yle

    In addition to Helsinki, Croatia occasionally provides posts in Beirut and Vienna, where twists and turns in the Pacific were also filmed.

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