Schadefonds for families who have been without gas in Knokke-Heist for weeks

    Due to problems with the stability of the subsurface during a construction project, the pressure on the gas pipeline was too great. The residents are satisfied that the municipality is taking action, because the electric heaters they now use are no longer sufficient.

    “We are no longer heating my house as it should be. Fortunately, like today, we still have a little bit of sun and we still get a little warmth from it. But with the heaters alone it doesn’t work well. Especially at night. The children are really cold. Last night two of them crawled into bed with me because they were cold. That hurts,” it sounds.

    Laurence has a hairdressing salon, just next to the construction site in Knokke-Heist where Hoost is to be built, a large colorful apartment block. But settlement occurs because the stability of the subsoil is insufficient. Grid operator Fluvius will close the gas pipeline at the end of October, as a precaution. The result: forty families have been without gas for weeks. Now every resident must have a new check carried out, many have been rejected. The result is a very expensive invoice to have adjustments made.

    Only intervention in gas connection, not in cracks and fissures

    That is why the municipality is setting up a compensation fund.

    A step in the right direction according to the residents. Although there is still that problem of the cracks and tears in the walls, due to the works. The municipality only intervenes in the gas connection. According to contractor Artes, the insurance company is reviewing the damage files. The latter also says that it hopes to provide everyone with gas again by the end of next week. Although that depends from house to house.

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