Damar Hamlin’s family warns! As the NFL player continues to fight for his life following his cardiac arrest, public concern for the 24-year-old is now drawing scammers into action. As his friend and spokesman Jordon Rooney spread, the criminals are trying a perfidious approach: they want to use fake requests to collect donations on behalf of the football player.

    The family therefore appeals that fans willing to donate should be particularly careful. Support for Hamlin’s foundation is of course still possible. His initial campaign on “Gofundme”, with which he wants to collect toys for disadvantaged children, has become the central place for this. All other actions or requests are not supported by the family – and are therefore not genuine.

    Hamlin originally only wanted to raise $2,500 with the campaign, but it has now raised nearly $7 million. Seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady contributed $10,000 and wrote on Twitter: “We pray for Damar and his family.” Star quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Matthew Stafford also added their supporters.

    Bills report improvement in Damar Hamlin

    Meanwhile, Hamlin’s health has improved somewhat. “Damar remains in critical condition in intensive care with signs of improvement seen yesterday and overnight,” the Bills said in a statement. The 24-year-old is expected to remain in intensive care and be continuously “monitored and treated” by the medical team.

    And the support for the NFL star is still huge – not just among fans and athletes. In the meantime, US President Joe Biden also encouraged the parents of the football pros from the Buffalo Bills. “I spoke extensively with his mother and father,” Biden said after the conversation, calling football a “dangerous” sport: “We just have to acknowledge it.”

    The Bills trained again Wednesday in preparation for Sunday’s final game of the regular season against the New England Patriots. “We all deal with it in different ways,” said offensive tackle Dion Dawkins. Whether the game will take place is still open.