Sara Sieppi expressed her position on her Instagram account.

    Sara Sieppi made a big account last year. Miia Sirén

    Entrepreneur and social media influencer Sara Sieppi made a big account last year. All in all, Sieppi earned no less than 161,538 euros in 2021.

    Siepi’s big income sparked a lot of discussion, which he himself has been following on social media. Among other things, Sieppi, who is involved in the Iholla series, published a comprehensive answer to those who criticized him on his Instagram account.

    – For some reason, it’s still hard for many to accept that behind that pretty face there can also be a guy who understands branding and marketing. The fact that the majority of my followers are, for example, women and I sometimes do underwear collaborations for them, does not make a black person empty-headed, a curmudgeon or a bimbo, Sieppi writes next to her photo.

    If you don’t see the embed, you can watch it from here.

    – I’ve said many times and I still say, if it’s so easy and effortless, then you’ll go after yourself and make a turnover of over half a million on your own. So I still didn’t think about “getting dressed properly” or “going to real work”. A successful woman should not be a curse word, Sieppi continued in his update.

    Sieppi says that he thought about whether he should comment on the matter at all.

    – For a while I breathed the messages that came on tax day and thought that I couldn’t take a stand, but at the same time I wondered why I would keep quiet about such an important topic, Sieppi states.

    According to last year’s financial statements, the total result of Siep’s company Semihima Oy for the previous financial year was 374,000 euros. The financial statements cover the period 1 January 2021–31 December 2021.

    Semihima’s turnover in 2021 was 612,000 euros. There is also a clear increase from the previous year, when the turnover was 341,447 euros.