Sant Cugat opens a soccer school in Senegal

02/03/2023 at 17:10


The expedition will depart on February 12 at the hands of the Egala Association

At the moment there are already 300 registered, including 156 girls who want to practice soccer

Sant Cugat FC will undertake a solidarity project this month to bring football closer to boys and girls from underprivileged countries. Hand in hand with the Egala Association, from February 12 to 22, a red-and-black expedition will travel to Boulembou, in Senegal. The first Sant Cugat Football School in Africa will open there.

The school has a single objective: that all the boys and girls of the region can train and play soccer in the best possible conditions. And an essential particularity: equal opportunities between girls and boys. Senegal is a Muslim-majority region, and often women still do not have the same rights and privileges as men. For this reason, the requirement that Sant Cugat and the Egala Association have set in order to get this project off the ground is that all girls who want to play football can do so without any kind of fear. In addition, the other condition is that all the participants of the soccer school are duly educated.

enrollment success

With the data provided by the local coaches, 156 girls and 167 boys have signed up for the School. Surprising figures that we at Sant Cugat celebrate. The SantCu delegation and the Egala Association will be in charge of teaching different training methods for participants to improve their soccer skills and knowledge.

As for the material to be used, practically everything will be purchased on arrival in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Mainly sports equipment such as balls, thumbtacks and other accessories for training.

history of solidarity

It’s been 10 years since ‘SantCu’ undertook the first trip to India, where, together with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, an inclusive and supportive football school was set up in the Anantapur region. Until there they took knowledge and ways to enjoy the practice of sport. Also material to be able to carry it out.

In addition, Sant Cugat was one of the pioneering clubs to time to create a women’s soccer teamwith more than 50 years of history.