The leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, has warned the Government of the Generalitat that its proposal for the budgets, which includes the extension of the Barcelona airport, prolonging the B-40 or the Hard Rock in Vila-Seca, in Tarragona, it is “minimum” and “everything” and that if they do not fully accept it, other support should be sought.

    This has been warned by Illa in an act in Premià de Mar, Barcelona, ​​in which she has defended that her “minimum” proposals to support the Generalitat’s budgets are “necessary” for Catalonia to recover the “path of excellence”, before what has urged the Government of Pere Aragonès, of ERC, to announce if they accept them and to stop, for this reason, “hide your head under your wing” and not postpone decisions that are not “comfortable” for them.

    In this sense, in a recent interview with EFE, the Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, has asked PSC and JxCat for “responsibility and common sense” to close a budget agreement once and for all, although she has been blunt in ensuring that projects such as the Hard Rock, the B-40 or the expansion of the Barcelona airport are totally “out” of the negotiation.

    A minimum offer

    On the contrary, Illa has affirmed this Saturday that He does not like to talk about ultimatums or offers to “everything or nothing”, but he has stressed that the proposal that the PSC put to the Government in the last week of the year is “minimum” and supposes a “whole”, since “one part cannot be separated to say this yes and this no”. “From there, the PSC has little more to add, the one who has to speak now is Aragonès,” said Illa, who has warned that if the Catalan executive rejects his proposal, he will have to seek other support to carry out the budgets.

    “What sense does it make to give budgets to a Government that does not want to govern because it does not want to decide, that hides its head under its wing?” asked the leader of the opposition, who stated that the PSC is willing to assume “the part of the cost” that corresponds to it as a group to promote the accounts so that Catalonia advances and does not stagnate.

    For this reason, it has appealed to the “responsibility” of President Aragonès to give a “clear, precise and reliable” response to the PSC’s proposal and, if it does not accept it, to seek the support of other groups. “He has governed with some of them until recently,” he pointed out, in relation to JxCAT.

    Four decades stranded

    Illa has remarked that the PSC proposal includes projects that have been postponed for a long time, such as the expansion of the Ronda del Vallès, the B40, which has been “stranded” for 40 years, before which she has stated that now it is the Government who has to decide and take decisions. “In Catalonia there are too many people who miss the recent past to avoid facing the future and decide those things that have to be decided today to improve the future”, she lamented.

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    In this sense, he has indicated that the budgets must serve to generate prosperity with public and private investments -such as the Hard Rock project-, promote a tax system that does not cause a “competitive disadvantage” with respect to other territories and promote an environment of legal security and efficient administration. For this reason, he wondered what sense it makes that, at a time “as complex” as the present, budgets do not take advantage of the mechanisms and possibilities of public investment offered by the Governmentsuch as the improvement of Cercanías, the expansion of the airport or the expansion of the ring road north of Vallès (the B-40), which he believes can be done “very well” and with respect for the environment and that they have the support of Parliament and Of the territory.

    Illa has made these statements during the visit made this Saturday to various municipalities of the Maresme, accompanied by the spokesperson and Deputy Secretary for Political Action of the PSC, Alícia Romero; the mayor of Mataró, David Bote; the PSC candidate in Vilassar de Mar, Isaac Garcia-Osses; the PSC candidate in Premià de Mar, Mari Luz Cánovas; the deputy in Parliament Elena Díaz Torrevejano, and the provincial deputy Xesco Gomar, among others.