Saint-Maximin and fashion… at all costs: the Frenchman at risk of sanctions for the Louis Vuitton band!

The Newcastle player wore a Louis Vuitton headband on two occasions, thus contravening the rule that prevents the display of other brands. The Football Association investigates, but in St James’ Park … they are used to it!

Allan Saint-Maximin, Newcastle player, has been talked about in recent transfer sessions because he could have been a goal of some big club. And in fact the Frenchman is increasingly making a name for himself in the Premier League, which he has been attending for three seasons now. Having shone in Nice, Saint-Maximin has made the big leap across the Channel and is carving out an important space in St James’ Park. A truly sui generis type, as confirmed by the umpteenth controversy that sees him as the protagonist. As he explains Sportbiblethe player was accused by the Football Association for the headband worn in some matches.

THEREBAND – The problem is … the brand. In the matches against Leicester and Wolves, Saint-Maximin wore a Louis Vuitton headband, thus contravening the rule that prevents the display of brands other than those of the technical sponsors. After all, it is a very similar situation to the one that already occurred at the time when the footballer played in Ligue 1. At the time, the chosen band was from Gucci and cost about 200 euros. However, given that even at home the regulation prevented wearing it, at the time Saint-Maximin … put a patch on it, in the true sense of the word, covering the logo of the Florentine fashion house with scotch tape to avoid incurring penalties . An experiment that will probably also be repeated in the Premier. Newcastle’s attacking winger still has until 19 May to present a defense against the charges, but is likely to settle for a fine.

FINES – To confirm this are some statements made some time ago by his teammate Jonjo Shelvey. Interviewed on the podcast The Beautiful Game, the midfielder spoke of the transalpine and revealed that everyone knows the qualities. But his way of understanding life sometimes costs dearly to Saint-Maximin, because the flanks are not enough during the matches … “He is a talent, he is an incredible footballer. And also quite a particular type. He is one of those really. relaxed, wearing designer clothes from head to toe. They fined him every day because he comes to training with earrings and stuff. If he weren’t that strong they probably would all be mad at him, but since he’s so good you don’t want to be angry with him. ” And therefore, the band is also allowed. Perhaps…