Rules, times, World Cup points: ski jumping – this is how the new “Super Team” competition works

Status: 01/10/2023 09:59 am

New year, new competition: In ski jumping, the “Super Team” event celebrates its premiere in the World Cup this weekend. The most important information about the format.

How does the new competition work?

In the “Super Team” two athletes from each nation form a team. The duo competition, which is carried out in three rounds, is primarily intended to accommodate smaller nations that cannot field a four-person team. The mode provides that twelve teams reach the second round. The eight teams that have the highest number of points after these two rounds move into the final and jump out of the rankings there.

When will the first competitions take place?

The new format was first tested during the Summer Grand Prix in Rasnov, Romania. “Super Team” celebrates its premiere in the Women’s World Cup on January 14 in Zao, Japan. The two men’s competitions will be held in Lake Placid on February 11th and in Rasnov on February 19th.

Who won the debut in the summer?

The Austrians Daniel Tschofenig and Manuel Fettner were ahead after a total of six jumps. The teams from Poland and Japan finished second and third. With Luca Roth and David Siegel, the German team sent two second-class jumpers into the race. The duo finished eighth.

Why was the format introduced?

So that small nations can also enjoy a team event. Many teams have problems nominating four top jumpers. It often happens that only eight to nine nations start at a team competition in the World Cup. With the introduction of the new format, nations that have few ski jumpers in the World Cup circuit can get involved in the team competition.

Are there parallels to other sports?

Yes! The Ski Jumping Association follows a similar path as, for example, the International Biathlon Union. In biathlon there has been a “single mixed relay” for a number of years, in which only one athlete starts.

Who jumps?

Any nation that provides at least two knights may participate.

Giovanni Bresadola from Italy in action

How many World Cup points are there?

The winning team gets 200 points. Then it goes down in steps of 25. Means: The second gets 175, the third 150 points. Only the top eight teams earn points that go into the Nations Cup.

What points of criticism are there?

Teams from Poland, Norway, Austria and also Germany have more than just two good jumpers. So some top athletes will not get a chance and will have one forced break and one less competition than on a weekend without a “Super Team” event. In addition, the viewers are completely granted some stars. That could cost the organizers fans.

From 4 p.m. the men will start qualifying for the World Cup ski jumping in Zakopane.

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