Maxime Meiland failed to keep the press completely at a distance during her wedding at the Oud-Poelgeest estate. Against the agreements there was a small team from RTL Boulevard.

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    In fact, Maxime Meiland did not want any press at all at her wedding yesterday, to the dismay of, among others, the weekly magazine Privé. The wedding day was filmed exclusively by SBS 6, which broadcast the first images in Shownieuws last night. A few hours earlier, however, RTL Boulevard also had an extensive report of the party.

    RTL surprises Maxime

    Aran Bade, reporter of the program, showed up unannounced and against the agreements at the wedding location in Oegstgeest. “It was definitely not the intention to have the press involved, but they earn their living by sharing their private lives, so I think it’s weird if you don’t invite the press,” he explains.

    He continues: “We knew the location, went there and I also know the Meiland family a bit. At one point the master of ceremonies came to us and said: ‘You know what? So let’s do it right. Then you get a place, you can film the ceremony remotely and then you can make beautiful pictures of it.’”

    Beautiful images

    In this way, RTL Boulevard was also able to shoot beautiful images. “It was weirdly intimate. It was just the families and some friends of Leroy and Maxime. That’s how I know the Meiland family. They are very intimate with each other. (…) There were of course camera crews for Chateau Meiland, but that did not detract from the intimate atmosphere.”

    Iris van Lunenburg was allowed to comment on the wedding later in the evening in Shownieuws. “Of course they want to keep the day a bit private. That is of course because a new season is coming, in which we see a lot more about the preparations and the run-up to this beautiful day.”

    Low ratings

    In any case, the first images of the Meiland wedding are not a viewer’s magnet. Both RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws scored cautiously yesterday, with 542 thousand (22 percent) and 412 thousand viewers (16 percent market share) on RTL 4 and SBS 6 respectively.

    The new season of Chateau Meiland, which will start on August 24, will largely revolve around Maxime’s wedding and the run-up to it. “Then we will all feast again of course,” says Shownieuws presenter Airen Mylene.


    Maxime is married to cameraman Leroy Molkenboer: