RTL confirms that Linda de Mol basher and model Raphael Bouman is participating in the new season of Holland’s Next Top Model, but denies having paid him for it.

    © RTL, Instagram

    There are wild rumors about Holland’s Next Top Model. For example, Yvonne Coldeweijer states that model Raphael Bouman is paid for his participation. The boy, who seriously discredited Linda de Mol last April by claiming that he was fired because of a selfie with her, is “just booked up to and including episode nine”, according to Yvonne.

    ‘Winner not yet known’

    The juice channel Juice Channel even states that Holland’s Next Top Model is “a big puppet show” and that much more has been staged. The channel also mentioned the name of the person who would have won the program this week.

    RTL is now responding to the rumors and states that it is all nonsense. “There is no question of hiring actors and there is absolutely no winner known yet. This will only be announced after the voting rounds in a few months,” said a spokesperson.

    ‘Atmosphere was good’

    According to RTL, what those juice channels claim makes no sense. “The claim that the casting day was staged with 100 people is also incorrect as this season’s models were pre-cast and the atmosphere on set was good.”

    So it is true that Raphael is participating. “It is true that Raphael will be seen as a participant in the new season of HNTM. However, no one has been paid to participate, including him.”

    Quarrel at the office

    In her private spy chat, Yvonne has shown sound clips in which a heated discussion could be heard between Raphael and the makers of the program. “There was indeed a meeting at Endemol’s office. We are not aware of an argument, but dissatisfaction on his side is,” said the spokesperson.

    And what about the rumor that presenter Loiza Lamers would not be paid for this presentation job, and that she would therefore be jealous of Raphael? “The claim that Loiza has not been paid is false. She is under contract with us and, like all our other presenters and presenters, gets paid.”

    Raphael a fantasist?

    It is possible that the juice channels are basing their reporting on information from Raphael himself. He is not exactly undisputed. For example, the model incorrectly claimed in April that he would have been fired from Linda de Mol’s drama series, because he had posted a selfie with the presenter online.

    In reality, Raphael couldn’t be fired at all, because he was only hired as an extra for one day. He did receive a warning because it is not the intention to just publish selfies from behind the scenes.

    ‘RTL is lying!’

    Juice Channel states in a response that RTL is lying. “Of course everything is denied. It’s yet to be aired, isn’t it! They contradict themselves so much, because we have also shared experiences of participants who were present at the casting this year. They had a ‘consultation’ at RTL and decided to simply deny everything.”

    In response to RTL’s denial, the channel shares two stories: