03/01/2022 at 00:09


    The coach of grenade, Robert Brownvalued as positive the point added this Monday by his team against Cádiz (0-0) and said that he looks “with a lot of energy and a lot of desire” despite the fact that his team have gone eight days without winning.

    Before the expulsion (of Domingos Duarte in the 33rd minute) the match was even. The two teams with nerves, mistakes that are not their own in easy passes and situations that are conditioned by the situation of tension and pressure & rdquor ;, Moreno said in the press room about the first half hour of the match.

    “Those minutes were back and forth, with two teams that overlapped. Since the expulsion we have played a much better game. We have defended more than sixty minutes with one less and we have generated more chances than the rival& rdquor ;, he added. Brown He was “happy and proud of the reaction & rdquor; of his own and to “see that the team has spirit & rdquor ;.

    We have taken a point and we continue with four on the descent. We wanted all three and until the addition I saw that we could achieve them, but the way things have been set is positive & rdquor ;, she added.

    Regarding the cries of the fans asking for his departure, he commented that they are the result of “the disagreement with the situation & rdquor; and that “the coach is ultimately responsible & rdquor ;.

    We will remember this as an anecdote at the end of the season. It’s normal for people to want the team to win. I have nothing to say, just work and win games so that we are all happy & rdquor ;, she sentenced.

    I see myself with a lot of energy and a lot of desireSeeing my players every day is what gives me the most confidence because of what they kill for their coach and the team. I have very broad shoulders and I am not discouraged & rdquor ;, the technician of the grenade.