Rob Kemps receives devastating review: ‘Looks hopelessly lost’

It is hoped for Rob Kemps that he has his anger outbursts under control by now, because de Volkskrant has written a scathing review about him. “Hopelessly lost.”

© SBS 6

The new Hilversum jack of all trades, Rob Kemps, can be seen this week with his own interview show The 10 Questions on SBS 6. He had already snagged a nice name for the premiere episode: Jeroen Pauw. However, TV critic Alex Mazereeuw, de Volkskrant’s Angela de Jong, is not exactly enthusiastic.

School newspaper level

As a television talent, Rob takes far too big steps, thinks Alex. “Your TV career has just started, but it’s time for the next step: an interview program! (…) Kemps therefore seems to be yet another victim of the TV law that breakthrough talents have to do everything right away.”

The consequence? Interviews at ‘school newspaper level’, he sneered. “With questions like ‘When was the last time you cried?’ and ‘On a scale of zero to ten, how happy are you now?’”

Check off

According to Alex, there is no depth to it. “The questionnaire was quickly checked off. Every time it threatened to become interesting (…) the next question had to be dealt with again.”

It is nothing and it will become nothing, the TV critic fears. “Not every likeable TV personality is automatically a good interviewer. Kemps looked hopelessly lost in this cheap format, and was mainly dependent on his tickets for the non-pre-programmed subjects.”

A lot on TV

Private boss Evert Santegoeds thinks Rob should be careful, he says in the podcast Strictly Private. “Rob Kemps is on TV a lot and he cannot be pigeonholed either, because he is screaming in a game show, is the serious interviewer at De 10 Questions and that is all Rob Kemps.”

Is that all? No! “Then he is also on stage in between with ‘From left to right’. I can’t place him very much at the moment and that can sometimes become a problem in a career, because people want to know what they have in someone and you don’t know that with Rob.