Rhythmic absolutes in Folgaria, challenge between Raffaeli and Baldassarri

In Folgaria, in the mountains of Trentino, a challenge among the best Italian gymnasts to assign the titles of the 53rd edition of the Italian championships. Live streaming on Sunday

Sofia calls, Milena answers. And viceversa. That’s how it is when they wear the colors of Italy and Fabriano, at the European Championships and at the Final Six. Only the Absolutes of Folgaria – scheduled from tomorrow to Sunday 11 – end up pitting them against each other: two years ago Milena won, last year Sofia. This is why it will be a weekend of great gymnastics, also thanks to the organization of the federation in collaboration with Gym Club Ala and the Alpe Cimbra tourism company.

New Milena

“After the World Cup in Baku I wasn’t satisfied, due to a resentment that had prevented me from preparing myself in the best possible way. On the other hand, I’m happy about the European Championship (fifth on the tape, ed), the growth that began with the Olympics confirmed for me. I matured – says Baldassarri – and grew up in self-confidence and awareness. But with Sofia there is no rivalry, we support each other and it is important that she is there, like I do for her”.


Not only Baldassarri and Raffaeli. There are 16 gymnasts in the running for the title, from Sofia Maffeis – third last year – to Enrica Paolini, the youngest of the 2007. The others: Alexandra Agiurgiuculese, Nicole Tammaro, Giulia Dellafelice, Elizabeta Havryliv, Alice Capozucco, Gaia Pozzi, Giorgia Galli, Lorjen D’Ambrogio, Sofia Sicignano, Isabelle Tavano, Tara Dragas and Viola Sella. But the favorite obviously remains the “Vulcano di Chiaravalle” which after the triumph of a year ago began the climb to the records, above all the title of world champion.


“I will focus on myself – continues the 21-year-old gymnast from Fabriano – facing Sofia is the incentive to always improve. Mine is a step-by-step path that looks to the World Cup at the end of August, where I’ll go hunting for the pass for the Paris Olympics. But I’m superstitious and I won’t add anything else… Certainly my approach has changed, with Julieta (Cantaluppi, ed) there is no longer a daily teaching, now we meet each other for every single need”.

Milena is pawing, she recently moved house and in the meantime cultivates a thousand possibilities for her post-career career. “I needed more space, but I stayed next to the gym. The Barbie that represents me? There’s always room for her, I’m delighted to be an example for girls, it means that in addition to sport there is something human and beautiful to pass on”. What gymnastics has failed to do in recent months, due to the well-known events of alleged abuse in rhythmics. “But now the situation seems to have calmed down, or at least I hope so.”


Milena Baldassarri will be on the platform on Friday and Saturday with her four exercises, “four stories to tell”. The competition will open tomorrow with the Allieve qualifying rounds and the following final among the best eight teams. In the evening, however, the Assoluto which follows the international program – also in view of the World Cup in Milan on 21-23 July – and will be divided into two parts. Hoop and ball, in fact, on Friday from 20 and at the same time the following day the exercises with clubs and ribbon that will assign the title at the end of the general competition. Qualifications for the Youth and Open team competition will also take place on Saturday 10 June. Finally, Sunday 11 June will close with the specialty finals of the Assoluti (live video on our website) and with the Youth and Open eight finals.