Review: Prince Pi :: ADHD



Hardly anyone manages to pour the existential concerns and fears, desires and hopes of youth into rap lyrics as masterfully as Prinz Pi. The only problem with his last albums was that he proved it less and less. Instead, he drifted increasingly into a wordy and yet meaningless arbitrariness.

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The criticism of this development did not go unnoticed by the father of three: “I know, my wisdom is from calendar sayings / Then say something smarter, I don’t hear anything that I would have to change,” says the first track. Luckily, Prince Pi changed a few things on ADHS compared to his last releases: The beats dare to be a bit heavier again, chewy pop choruses are no longer the standard and – this is the best news – Prinz Pi has the found a topic again in Germany with increasing social inequality.

His critique of capitalism – which he naturally also combines with his favorite themes of adolescence, love and friendship – is as expected to remain somewhat superficial, but paves the way for Prince Pi to fully exploit his undisputed musical and lyrical strengths again. With ADHD he succeeds in creating an expressive album that avoids the greatest kitsch and has a relevant contemporary reference.


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