The fact that Marcel Dettmann’s new album, almost ten years after his last solo LP, is not being released on the Berghain label Ostgut Ton, but by the Dutch company von Dekmantel, can be seen as a sign. Not that they had fallen out, but that the future of the Berlin imprint is unfortunately not exactly rosy.

    But that doesn’t affect the quality of the music in any way: As is so often the case with Dettmann, you get the feeling that the DJ and producer understands techno in its basic essence like no other. Whether that’s reflected in the rumbling synths weaving odd pads across “Suffice To Predict,” the graceful and simply beautiful feature starring Ryan Elliott called “Water,” or the raw drum workout “x12 “, which is reminiscent of Joey Beltram’s best times: FEAR OF PROGRAMMING combines finely produced tracks that are characterized by stylistic variance as well as a loose but firmly set contextual bracket.


    Various Artists :: FAC51 The Haçienda 1982

    Pop, postpunk, electro: The Haçienda would have celebrated its 40th birthday this year. A 4-CD box looks back on the exciting first…

    The Cool Greenhouse :: Sod’s Toastie

    A quasi-baroque record from the British and vicious post-punk minimalists.

    Stella Sommer :: Silence Wore A Silver Coat

    In this wonderfully (silly) dreamy folk, Laurel Canyon nostalgia meets black romance made in Germany.


    “In the mix, a formula emerges that describes our time”: techno legend Westbam/ML on his track with Bausa and Jägermeister as a scene drink

    Whoever was at the Parookaville Festival this year could hardly miss it: the Jägermeister Gigant*. The three floors with a club in the form of a large Jägermeister bottle were not only a meeting place for party-loving ravers, but also for unexpected collabs from different musical genres. Rapper Bausa and techno DJ Westbam proved that with their track “Alle Warten auf den Drop”.

    Electronic Beats Live Tour 2022: Closing Party with Sven Väth

    On September 18, fans can celebrate on the Rhine from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. to the sets by Sven Väth and DJ greats like Cinthie and Maurizio Schmitz.

    Airbeat One 2022: arrival, line-up, weather, camping

    After a two-year Corona break, Airbeat One can finally take place again this year. We have all the important information at a glance.