Review: Ladytron :: Time’s Arrow



Transience is a topic that sooner or later nobody can avoid. After a good 20 years of band history, the moment seems to have come for the Liverpool quartet Ladytron. TIME’S ARROW is the name of the new record, their seventh, and the title says it all: It’s about memory, forgetting, the fragility of human civilization. The music rather suggests oblivion, the ten songs flow along like this, in a constant sea of ​​warm synthesizer sounds.


Especially after 2019’s self-titled quasi-comeback album, which oozed energy and fury at the apocalyptic world we live in, TIME’S ARROW is downright slow-paced and enraptured. Little stands out, maybe “California” with its dreamy guitars or the synth-pop gem “City Of Angels”. But there is no real hit.

The vocals have always been distorted on Ladytron, more in the background of the mix – but here too the music is dreamy, more electronic shoegaze than the catchy electro-pop of yore. There is nothing new or innovative about it, neither the shimmering 80s synths nor the beats, which are mostly located somewhere between disco and krautrock. But sometimes that’s just the thing: calm, nostalgic songs to switch off.

Author: Elias Pietsch


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