Review: Big Piig :: Bubblegum

What is really pleasing when it comes to very young musicians is that at first glance their playing is casual and casual. The supposedly effortless is of course the result of thorough consideration and work, but does not stress the consumer, but supports him. Irish singer Biig Piig, whose real name is Jessica Smyth, is a good example of this virtuosity in dealing with influences and currents.

Their music, which comes across as trippy, hip-hop and neo-soul, inspires with its relaxed audibility in all situations, but also with built-in trigger moments that make the whole thing extremely interesting. Sometimes you feel reminded of Mariah Carey in her best, most detached moments, sometimes of French or Spanish singers of the 70s. The 24-year-old says she chose her stage name, Biig Piig, because it doesn’t pressure her and gives her the freedom to choose between being totally wacky and “cute”.

Musically, this attitude shines through on the debut mixtape BUBBLEGUM, because here it contrasts the floating of the vocals with sometimes hard, jungle-like rhythms or gets lost in the pop of the 80s and 90s without coming across as cheesy. That was already successful, in 2017 her first single was streamed seven million times on Spotify. This should now be built upon.


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