Apple usually keeps its employees’ salaries under wraps. However, a new report reveals how well employees at the company are paid.

    In terms of stock market value, Apple is by far the most valuable company in the world. At $2.6 trillion, it is ahead of Saudi Aramco (oil company), Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Amazon and Tesla. Due to its market power, the company managed to increase its sales in 2022 despite supply bottlenecks and the tense economic situation. Apple’s success is also reflected in the salaries of its employees, as “Business Insider” has now found out.

    A look at the Visa database provides information

    To get a glimpse of how Apple pays its employees, Business Insider says it “analyzed thousands of H-1B visa applications.” H-1B is a work visa for skilled foreign workers required for employment in the United States. Applications are processed by the US agency for “Foreign Labor Certification’ (permit for foreign work) and made publicly available.

    Accordingly, the records only contain the salaries that Apple has agreed with its foreign employees. There are no additional stock options that can bring in significantly more money.

    For the evaluation of the data, Business Insider only selected job positions that have at least three entries in the database. In most cases, the actual salaries vary despite the same position – depending on what the respective applicants have negotiated with Apple.

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    This is what salaries look like at Apple

    According to the data, Apple pays its machine learning managers and hardware development managers the best. Up to $300,000 is possible in both positions. Close behind are software developers, who are paid up to $295,000. However, this is only the optimal case, because others in the same position with USD 175,000 only get almost half of that. In general, however, software developers at Apple are very well paid. Whether AR and VR or firmware and apps – the top salaries here are between 200,000 and 263,000 USD. Software development project managers are also well compensated at up to $278,750.

    Hardware engineers are also well paid at Apple, with salaries up to $285,000. Marketing Manager and Legal Counsel are also among the highest paid positions at $275,000 and $225,000 respectively.

    In general, most salaries are between USD 100,000 and USD 200,000. A financial analyst, for example, gets between USD 94,224 and USD 158,464, a market researcher between USD 140,000 and USD 194,757.

    Graphic designers have the lowest salaries at Apple. The highest salary here is $92,851 and the lowest is $62,733. That’s a little less than the average US salary of $65,836 for a graphic designer. That is still significantly more than the average German wage of the equivalent of USD 53,638.


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