Repetition – Does Rutte IV make the Netherlands (un)equal?

It is recess and The Hague Affairs is not here for a while. In the meantime, we’ll tip you episodes that are worth listening to. This week Ignace Schoot, audio editor of Haagse Zaken, tips the episode ‘Does Rutte IV make the Netherlands (un)equal?’.

One of the goals of the Rutte IV cabinet, which had just taken office at the time, was to combat inequality of opportunity. This is stated in the coalition agreement ‘Looking at each other, looking ahead to the future’. Inequality of opportunity affects many different areas, because it concerns education, work, income, health care and the place where you grow up.

In this issue of The Hague Affairs we zoom in on economic inequality. You will hear from Christiaan Pelgrim and Rik Rutten about Rutte IV’s plans that should work as an equalizer. We will discuss what the coalition agreement says in terms of income, work, assets and social security. And we discuss whether these measures will contribute to the goal of combating inequality.

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Lamyae Aharouay
Christiaan Pelgrim & Rik Rutten
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