René van der Gijp thinks Maarten van Rossem ‘self-righteous jellyfish’

René van der Gijp finds the way in which Maarten van Rossem expresses himself about Today Inside particularly haughty. “It really is a self-righteous jellyfish that man,” said the football analyst.


Maarten van Rossem does not miss any opportunity to make mincemeat of the men of Today Inside. The quarrel between the two parties started in 2012, when the historian joined VI for the second time. “The second time was relatively disastrous because that Gijp was there,” he said earlier. “He intended to think I was a jerk.”

Flat fun

To his great dismay, Maarten was put in last night The smartest person faced with a question about the VI stars. A fragment was started in which the gentlemen screeched at a filth. Something about a licking dog.

The consequence? A Maarten who looks very sour. He sneered: “I think this fragment speaks completely for this program and the core of what that program is, which is plain fun for people with limited intelligence. I also hope that everyone who watches regularly feels addressed.”

“What a jellyfish!”

René van der Gijp finds it laughable, he responds an hour later Inside today. “Those people hate us,” he laughs. “Then I would rather that Maarten van Rossem hates me than that he likes me. I really mean that.”

Colleague Wilfred Genee: “Plain fun for people with limited intelligence: they are quite statements.”

Rene: “Yes. Self-righteous jellyfish, dude. It really is a self-righteous jellyfish that man.”

To court

Flat fun? Isn’t that just as bad as cremated croquette? Johan Derksen: “I think the four of us should go to court now. Job, how are you doing?”

Lawyer Job Knoester: “I think it’s so stupid to call everyone stupid that you shouldn’t waste words on that.”

René: “That man really thinks that if he is sitting at a talk show table with four people, he is only allowed to speak. That’s what he thinks.”

Wilfred jokingly: “Older people often suffer from this.”

Not intelligent

Job feels sorry for Maarten. “If you always need to call other people stupid… Charles Groenhuijsen had done it once. I mean, what does it say about you?”

René: “I always feel that if you call someone stupid, you think you are intelligent.”

Job: “So I doubt that. If you need to say that about others, I don’t think that’s intelligent.”

Johan: “I don’t care at all what Maarten van Rossem thinks.”