René le Blanc has been completely flared by one of the experts from Shownieuws. The singer gave an interview to the program yesterday, after which he was put down in the studio as a disgusting man.

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    Shownieuws has a section this summer in which celebrities are looked up in their own living environment. Yesterday it was folk singer René le Blanc’s turn, known from a TV program on SBS 6. Afterwards, he was completely burned down in the studio by the infamous expert Victor Vlam.

    disgusting man

    Weekend boss Bart Ettekoven says after the interview that René would like a music program on TV. “But that doesn’t seem to be the case yet. We called Talpa to ask if there are plans there, because the series was also broadcast there, but for the time being there are no plans in that direction.”

    Then Victor goes wild. “I hope there are never any plans in that direction. I think he’s such a horse lifted man. I have a huge resistance to him. I also don’t understand why he’s back at all. It’s terrible. He is a disgusting man.”

    “Do you like him?”

    Presenter Airen Mylene then jumps in the gap for René, who was interviewed by Shownieuws. “You can find that. Not everyone agrees.”

    Bart: “No, no, no, he’s not a disgusting man.”

    Victor: “Well, do you find him sympathetic then?”

    Airen: “Well, yes. Well… I especially like him a lot to watch.”

    Victor: “You like to watch him? It’s a man in his fifties!”

    Bart: “René is always very hospitable. When you come there he is sweet. The door is always open and he has also had a great career from that program?”

    ‘lifted over horse’

    Victor: “Do you know what it is? Even if he is there in that movie taking pictures with people… When you walk on a terrace with a camera, there are always people who want to take a picture with you, because they think it is a celebrity. I don’t think those people even know who he is.”

    Airen: “That’s not bad, is it? Let that man do his thing.”

    Victor: “Yes, but he was lifted over the horse.”

    Airen: “No.”


    Viewers are also not positive about René: