Genre: western anti-western
    Direction: Sergio Leone. With Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volonté, Lee Van Clees, Mara Krup, Luigi Pistilli, Klaus Kinski. On Rai3, Saturday 6 August

    Clint Eastwood, unnamed cowboy for Sergio Leone (photo Contrasto).

    We are once again asking for help from Rai3 television programming to satisfy the desire for cinema this summer where all the efforts of the sector seem to be aimed at producing commercials to entice people to return to theaters, but not to offer titles that really attract them.

    Better then Saturday 6, at 9.30 pm, wait for the unmistakable whistle of Ennio Morricone and be accompanied to one of the cornerstones of the Italian western, perhaps “the” real cornerstone, given that the unexpected success of the previous film (For a bunch of dollars) had given Sergio Leone & C. the strength to go back to following a path that perhaps he had taken by chance.

    This is where a different way of harnessing the western epic really takes shape. No more sentimental plots, no more myths of the border or fights against the Indians: the actor is used as a type and not as a character (Clint Eastwood doesn’t even have a name), cynicism and disenchantment take the place of passion and romance in a world where only violence dominates.

    That Leone films with a mannerism and a solemnity that allow no escape, in a world dominated by death and a staging capable of transforming sadism into spectacularity.
    For those looking for a West without heroes.