Rapper Doja Cat got tired of her hair and eyebrows.

    Doja Cat moved her cat house. PDO

    The American rapper Doja Cat held a live broadcast on his Instagram account, where he shaved off both his hair and his eyebrows.

    As the followers gasped, the singer walked purposefully towards her new home.

    – You have seen my naturally curly hair. I often straightened them and when I let them be curly and natural, I didn’t even feel natural. They were one hell of a nightmare.

    You can watch the embed as well from here.

    She says that she enjoys her new appearance and believes that the hairstyle is more suitable for a performer who wears wigs. In addition, he finds other positive aspects in his hairless head.

    – Now I can swim and that’s a big deal for me because I surf. I can swim, work out and do heavy workouts and sweat as much as I want.

    The singer says that she was relieved that the shape of her head was pleasant without hair. Fears about the unusual shape of the skull turned out to be unfounded.

    – I thought beforehand what my head would look like… But I’m happy that my head is in a good shape.

    In the end, Doja Cat’s fans also commented on the singer’s renewed appearance, ecstatic.

    – You look good! I shaved my hair too and I’ve never felt so confident. Welcome to the club.

    – She looks so beautiful. Bald suits him really well.

    Doja Cat is especially known for his hit Say So. He has also duetted with well-known artists such as the Weeknd. Doja Cat also performs the Vegas song heard in the Elvis movie.