Remembrance day 2023: TV programming, what to see

THEon the occasion of Remembrance day 2023television organizes its schedules to remember the victims of the Holocaust. From Rai 1 to Canale 5, via Rete 4, Rai Storia and Sky Documentariesare so many films and documentaries on air in the early evening and not only. Direct testimonies, stories told in cinema, interviews declined in different key to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Remembrance day 2023, Rai programming

Track 21Rai 1 at 20.35 with Fabio Fazio and Liliana Segre

Live from the Shoah Memorial, located in Milan Central Station, Liliana Segre retraces the emotions experienced on January 30, 1944, the day she was deported to Auschwitz. There were 604 people on the train, including his father Alberto. From that hell only 22 returned. During the evening, the senator for life opens the memory drawer to testify what the Holocaust was.

Since the entry into force of the racial lawswhich forced her to drop out of school, in the hell of the concentration camppassing through the prison of San Vittore. To accompany her, Fabio Fazio. The special features the participation of Paola Cortellesi, Piefrancesco Favino and the Choir of the Teatro alla Scala.

Liliana Segre, presenter with Fabio Fazio of “Binario 21”. (Getty Images)

Elena’s postcard on Rai 3 (4.00 pm), Rai Gulp (4.50 pm) and Rai Play

Mariandrea Cesari plays Elena Colombo, born on 5 June 1933 in Turin. After a happy childhood, the effects of the racial laws also affect his life. He hides with his parents in Rivarolo Canavese, where he meets Bianca. They then move to Canavese ovenbut on December 8, 1943 the parents were arrested and deported to Auschwitz.

Three months later the same fate will befall her. After writing one last postcard to Bianca, she is taken to Auschwitz, where she dies the same day she arrives. It was April 10, 1944 and was 10 years and 10 months old.

Mariandrea Cesari and Emanuele Casati, protagonists of “Elena’s postcard”. (Rai)

Persian lessonRai Movie at 21.10

What are you willing to do to save your skin? To anything. Even to find a singular expedient and to invent a language. It is the strategy of Gilles (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart), a Jewish man deported to a concentration camp. Aware of going towards death, lies about his identity, claiming to be Persian.

The SS then forced him to give lessons in Persian, in particular Persian getto the camp director Koch (Lars Eidinger). Knowing nothing to do, he invents words and sounds, hoping not to be discovered.

Mediaset programming

The crossing – Beyond the borderChannel 5 at 11.30pm

It comes from Norway The crossing – Beyond the border, directed by Johanne Helgeland. The protagonists are Gerda (Anna Sofie Skarholt) and Otto (Bo Lindquist-Ellingsen), two brothers whose parents were surrendered for taking part in the Norwegian resistance. Christmas 1942 is upon us, but the atmosphere is far from festive.

Life, however, puts them in front of a tough challenge. In the basement of their house they hide two Jewish children, Sarah (Bianca Ghilardi-Hellsten) and Daniel (Samson Steine). For them the only hope is to go across the border, or reach Sweden to save their skin.

Bo Lingquist-Ellingsen in “The crossing – Oltre il confine”. (ip)

The 25th hourNetwork 4 at 16.25

In Romania in the 30s Johann Moritz (Anthony Quinn) is the victim of a transversal revenge by Sergeant Dobresco (Grigoire Aslan). Rejected by his wife Suzanna (Virna Lisi), is falsely accused of being a Jew. Once deported to the concentration camp, after trying in vain to prove the truth, begins to collaborate with the Nazis. His fortunes change, but later, when the Nazi regime is about to be defeated, he has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Anthony Quinn in “The 25th Hour”. (IPA)

Remembrance day 2023, what to see on Sky and on other networks

Heirs of the ShoahSky Documentaries at 9.15pm

Roly Kornblit goes in search of the heirs of the Holocaust, or descendants of victims of the Holocaust, residing in Italy. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, he takes a journey down memory lane to outline an intimate and touching picture of the consequences of the atrocities suffered by his predecessors.

Between the interviewees, Shulim Vogelmann, nephew of Schulim Vogelmann, the only Italian on Schindler’s list; Sarah Rugiadi, granddaughter of opera singer Frida Misul, Holocaust survivor. Yet, Simone Santoro former president of the Young Jews of Italy, e Federica Astrologernephew of Alberto Sed, who at the age of 70 decided to tell his own story as a deportee.

Fog in AugustHeaven at 21.25

In addition to the extermination of the Jews, the Holocaust saw the Nazi regime also rage against the white gypsies, the German Jenisch community. In Fog in August it tells of life inside the rehabilitation institutions, in which studies on euthanasia were actually carried out. Ernst Lossa (Ivo Pietzcker) is a motherless Jenisch boy with a rebellious soul. He is locked up in a recovery institution, but soon realizes that it is a place of death. He gets confirmation when he meets Dr. Veithausen (Sebastian Koch)a man apparently mild, but who hides a cruel soul.

“Fog in August”. (ip)

Letters from BerlinTV2000 at 21.30

In 1940 Anna (Emma Thompson) and Otto Quangel (Brendan Gleeson) receive a letter stating that son Hans (Louis Hofmann) died at the front. Grief-stricken, they begin to fight the regimen as best they can. Not having many means available, including letters and postcards containing protests against the Führer. The regime, however, does not make discounts and the Quangel risk paying dearly for their protest.

Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson in “Letters from Berlin”. (ip)

With Sami not to forgetFocus at 21.15

Sami Modiano was 14 years old when he was rescued from the Birkenau concentration camp. In the Focus special With Sami not to forgetthe 92-year-old looks back on the period of deportation. In particular, the moment in which, immediately after his liberation, he almost died. The young Sami saves himself and first of all he releases one statement against the camp commander, Rudolf Höss. To conduct the interview, Robert Olla. In the studio, the students of the Torquato Tasso high school in Rome.

Sami Modiano, protagonist of the special “With Sami not to forget”, on Focus.

Fossoli: antechamber to hell And Lili Marlene: The Italian Warby Pietro Suber

soon after, Focus offers the stories of 7 people detained in the Campo di Fossoli, in Carpi, between February and August 1944. Among the material shown, diaries, drawings, interviews and letters. In Lili Marlene: The Italian Warinstead, Peter Suber tells the Holocaust through the words of some personalities of Italian politics and entertainment. It’s about Renzo Arbore, Pupi Avati, Pippo Baudo, Alice and Ellen Kessler, Gianni Letta, Dacia Maraini, Giorgio Napolitano and Eugenio Scalfari.

Drawings from the HolocaustHistory Channel at 9.50pm

Massimo Vincenzo directs a documentary focusing on three artistswho had the courage to bear witness to Nazi crimes by putting pen to paper. Bronislaw Czech, Leon Delabre and Peter Edel they fought detention in concentration camps – the first two in Auschwitz, the third ad Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen – with drawings. Self-portraits, caricatures, still lifes, portraits, imprinted on SS documents, prescription books and cigarette papers.