The move of viewing figure hit De Slimste Mens to NPO 1 is ‘dramatic’ according to viewing figure expert Tina Nijkamp. She especially points to the huge loss of viewers of NPO 2.

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    Maarten van Rossem and Philip Freriks moved from NPO 2 to NPO 1 with their well-watched game show De Slimste Mens. Where they scored over 2 million viewers on the first Monday of January last year, they tapped over 2.3 million on the main stage yesterday viewers (42 percent market share). A mega score.

    Massive viewer loss

    De Slimste Mens itself therefore gains 300,000 viewers on such an evening. NPO 1 managed to captivate 1.3 million viewers on the same Monday last year with Droomhuis Wanted, so that channel will then have a profit of 1 million viewers. However, the losses on the part of NPO 2 are gigantic.

    Yesterday, NPO 2 managed to attract ‘only’ 388 thousand viewers (7 percent) at the old place of De Slimste Mens with Joanna Lumley’s World Cities. That means that the channel loses more than 1.6 million viewers. On balance, the move has caused the public broadcaster to lose about 600,000 viewers.

    Crying with the cap on

    Tina Nijkamp, ​​viewing figure connoisseur and former channel boss of SBS 6, therefore thinks the move is a bad move. “For NPO 2 it has been crying every day since De Slimste moved to NPO 1. This move seems to cost MUCH more than it yields,” she says on her ratings channel.

    The effects for Nieuwsuur are also not good. That program always benefited enormously from the influx of De Slimste Mens. “Nieuwsuur also now scores much lower: 388 thousand viewers instead of 500 to 550 thousand viewers.”

    Nicoletta and Rob

    Between Art and Kitsch, which was shown after De Slimste Mens, took silver at prime time with 1.6 million viewers (34 percent). The bronze is for Family Gillis: Massa is Kassa with 705 thousand viewers (13 percent) on SBS 6.

    After Family Gillis, Rob Kemps managed to entertain 581 thousand viewers (13 percent) with his interview show De 10 Questions. The commercial competitor RTL 4 managed to captivate 628 thousand viewers (12 percent) with Nicolette Kluijver’s De Grote Verbouwing.

    Viewing figures

    The viewing figures of Monday, January 2, 2023 (SKO):

    Top 15

    Market shares (18-24h, 6+)

    01. The Smartest Man (NPO1) 2,331,00001. NPO1 / 32.0%
    02. Journal 20:00 (NPO1) 2,199,00002. RTL4 / 17.9%
    03. Between Art and Kitsch (NPO1) 1,647,00003. SBS6 / 10.5%
    04. News 18:00 (NPO1) 1,263,00004. NPO2 / 7.0%
    05. A house full (NPO1) 1,210,00005. Vero / 4.0%
    06. Half past seven news (RTL4) 1,195,00006.NET5 / 3.9%
    07. EenVandaag (NPO1) 1,164,00007. RTL7 / 3.4%
    08. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 1,052,00008. RTL5 / 3.2%
    09. Op1 (NPO1) 913,00009. RTL8 / 2.8%
    10. Edition NL (RTL4) 816,00010. NPO3 / 2.3%
    11. Good Times Bad Times (RTL4) 809,00011. BBC / 1.3%
    12. Jinek (RTL4) 780,00012. RTLZ / 1.2%
    13. Six Hours of News (RTL4) 712,00013. Discov / 1.0%
    14. Gillis Family (SBS6) 705,00014. Paramount / 1.0%
    15. Journal late (NPO1) 642,00015. TLC / 1.0%

    Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

    More viewing figures at:

    01. Public Broadcasting 41.3%
    02. RTL Netherlands 28.7%
    03. Talpa TV 19.0%

    Programs that did not make the top 15 include BinnensteBuiten (586 thousand), Lang Leve De Liefde (504 thousand), Hart van Nederland (476 thousand), Shownieuws (406 thousand) and HLF8 (330 thousand).