It seemed to be an ABC beforehand for championship candidate AFC. The team from Amsterdam played at home against OFC, which was last in the second division. Logically, Benno Nihom’s team seemed to be on its way to a victory, until the team from Oostzan struck mercilessly in injury time: 3-3.

    OFC cheers exuberantly after Niels Butter’s equalizer – Martin Cloose / Orange Pictures

    AFC–OFC 3-3

    5’Joel Tillema 1-0
    56’Joel Tillema 2-0
    69′ Niels Butter 2-1
    85′ Noa Benninga 3-1
    94′ Joel Donald 3-2
    96′ Niels Butter 3-3

    In advance, a simple victory for the team from Amsterdam seemed a logical outcome, especially when Joel Tillema opened the score after five minutes. He also doubled AFC’s margin in the second half: 2-0. However, the Oostzaners did not give in and came back via Niels Butter. Just before time, Noa Benninga seemed to decide the game with his first goal for AFC. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Joël Donald and Butter scored a hard-fought point with two goals in injury time: 3-3.

    AFC remains first in the second division for the moment. Competitor De Treffers will play against Quick Boys and can take over the lead if they win. The team from Amsterdam will visit Excelsior Maassluis next Saturday, while red lantern carrier OFC will receive De Treffers on Sunday.

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    HFC player Sietse Brandsma (middle, right) is congratulated on his goal – Pro Shots / Sonny Lensen

    Royal HFC – Cossack Boys 3-1

    4′ Zakaria Eddahchouri 1-0
    12′ Sven van Ingen (own goal)
    47′ Lowie van Zundert 2-1
    62′ Sietse Brandsma 3-1

    For the first time since October 1 (2-0 against IJsselmeervogels), Koninklijke HFC has won again. After a great chance for Lowie van Zundert, the team from Haarlem quickly took a large margin. Zakaria Eddahchouri scored the opening goal, after which Sven van Ingen outwitted his own keeper after twelve minutes: 2-0. Before the break, Jacob Noordmans and Sietse Brandsma had opportunities, but the score remained unchanged.

    That quickly changed in the second half. Van Zundert was allowed to moor for a penalty after a handball for HFC. The Cossack Boys attacker gratefully unwrapped the gift from the team from Haarlem: 2-1. The margin was again two for the home team thanks to a hit by Brandsma. Goalkeeper Mike van de Meulenhof was able to turn the first bet, but the rebound of the HFC attacker was too powerful for him: 3-1.

    With the full loot in their pocket, HFC rises one place to eleventh place. PhD student FC Lisse is the next opponent for the team from Haarlem.

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    Rijnsburgse Boys – Jong FC Volendam 1-0

    46’Delano Asante 1-0

    The Rijnsburgse Boys match against Jong FC Volendam had a lively opening phase. Bram Ros shot hard at Abdessalam Ouboumalne, the Volendam keeper was able to turn the cannonball. Via Jordi Blom, the Volendam youngsters became dangerous a minute later. His bet was turned by defender Daan Walraven. Furghill Zeldenrust and Dani van der Moot then thought to give their team the lead. Both goals were disallowed for offside.

    Blom (shot over) and Imran Nazih shot at the Rijnsburgse Boys’ goal without success. Immediately after the break, Delano Asante shot his team ahead: 1-0. Both teams had chances in the remainder of the game. That ultimately did not yield any goals, so that the Volendam promises returned to the fishing village empty-handed.

    Due to the loss, Jong Volendam remains in the danger zone of the second division and saw its competitor OFC catch up with a point. Title candidate HHC Hardenberg is the next opponent.

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