What music do famous Drenthe musicians listen to? What does she touch? And can they still relax and listen to music when it is their job? In the new TV Drenthe program Platen van de Muzikanten, Loes van der Laan talks to artists from Drenthe about their taste in music.

    Tonight is the first of ten episodes, with guest Alides Hidding, founder and singer of Time Bandits. In the weeks that follow, Jannes, Hannah Mae, Erwin Java, Rosa da Silva, René Karst and Martijje will also visit. “You talk to musicians about music, which gives something extra. They really take you into their stories,” says Loes van der Laan. “We get to know them a little better, also because we go back to their childhood. What kind of family did they grow up in and often had music on it?”

    Music is emotion, Van der Laan also knows. “That’s the beauty of music, a song sometimes brings you back to a certain memory. It’s nice to let this specific group speak about something they have a great passion for. They can be so enthusiastic and passionate about it Sometimes they go into too much depth. For example, Erwin Java gives a mini-blues lecture,” laughs Van der Laan.

    Last year, the Drenthe mayors already joined TV Drenthe to talk about their favorite music. “Then the idea arose to also make this program with other professional groups. It is very funny to hear how musicians listen to music. That is very different from how I listen to it,” says Van der Laan. “I’m not concerned with the dimensions or scales at all. They often listen to music in a very technical way.”

    Can the artists from Drenthe still enjoy music a bit? “Strangely enough, I regularly received the answer that they hardly put on music themselves,” Van der Laan reveals. “They often listen to news broadcasts or podcasts in the car. They are so busy with music that they find it more relaxing not to listen to music. Martijje can’t even have music on in the background. Then she listens too intensively to and does not get to other things.”

    According to Van der Laan, the guests in Platen van de Muzikanten come ‘from different corners’. “And that is very broad. They represent different genres, have different ages and also come from different parts of the province. As a result, each episode is very different. Hanna Mae is in her twenties and of course comes with very different music than Erwin in her sixties Java. With him you expect a lot of blues, but he also opts for classical music, for example. Those are nice surprises.”

    Each episode of Platen van de Muzikanten focuses on an artist from Drenthe. So tonight Alides Hidding kicks off the series on TV Drenthe, followed by nine more episodes. Platen van de Muzikanten can be seen immediately after Drenthe Nu. The program is repeated several times in the evening.

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