Record number of visitors for Eperon d’Or during spring break

Record number of visitors for Eperon d’Or during spring break

“About 900 people came to visit. In one afternoon, a new day record was broken with almost 200 visitors,” says alderman of Musea Kurt Himpe.

“Sneakers exhibition a great success”

“The Sneaker Expo, in combination with the successful children’s activity ‘Mini and Maxi on a sneaker safari’, attracted quite a young audience to the museum,” says curator Gertjan Remmerie.

“Incidentally, Mini and Maxi is such a great success that it will continue for the remaining duration of the Sneaker Expo until September 2024. Eperon d’Or strongly focuses on families and young people and the children now apparently also choose our museum for a day activity, such as a 12-year-old boy from Mortsel who wanted to visit Izegem for his birthday to see the Sneaker Expo .”

Many visitors from abroad

“The possibility to enter Eperon d’Or for free with the Museum Pass attracted visitors from all provinces during the holidays. Also very striking is the large number of visitors from abroad.

Last week we counted a lot of Northern French and British people who came by to visit the permanent museum collection and the Sneaker Expo. Recently, we also have a brochure in French for an individual visit to the temporary exhibition, which is now also very useful,” concludes alderman Kurt Himpe.