Raheem Sterling is rejoining the England National Team!

British football player Raheem Sterling will rejoin England’s squad, which is on its way to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Sterling, who left the national team camp and returned to the capital London due to the gunmen who broke into his house while his family was inside while the tournament hosted by Qatar continued, will be included in the World Cup again.

In the statement made by the English Football Federation, it was stated that the 28-year-old player, who made a request to go to Qatar after dealing with the family problem, will attend the national team camp tomorrow.

Sterling will be part of the squad for the quarter-final match between England and France on Saturday 10 December, if coach Gareth Southgate takes over.

In the news in the British press, it was noted that the thieves who broke into Sterling’s house while his family was inside, stole jewelry and watches, and there was no violence.

Due to the incident in question, Sterling, who could not take part in the match where England defeated Senegal 3-0 in the last 16 round, shook the rival networks once in the group matches.