Tim Commerford, the bassist of Rage Against The Machine, founded the band 7D7D together with Mathias Wakrat and Jonny Polonsky and released a first song. On November 25th “Capitalism” was released, which thematically obviously goes in a similar direction to the songs of RATM. On November 26, an Instagram post followed with the words “We have arrived.”

    The band consists of Commerford on bass, Wakrat on drums and Polonsky on guitar. The three decided to do this because of their shared past. Commerford and Wakrat played together in the band Wakrat and released an album of the same name, which is the band’s only one to date. Jonny Polonsky has worked with Puscifer, among others, on whose album V IS FOR VAGINA Commerford was also involved. Polonsky has also collaborated with RATM’s Tom Morello on several occasions.

    Commerford was due to tour with RATM in 2023, but the tour had to be canceled because singer Zack de la Rocha tore his Achilles tendon while performing in Chicago on July 11, 2022. “I have a severe tear in my left Achilles tendon and only 8% of my tendon is intact. And even that part was badly affected,” he wrote in the tour’s cancellation message.