Rachel Hazes has failed according to Luuk Ikink: ‘What a blunder!’

Rachel Hazes has weighed everything up a lot with her croketeis, says RTL Boulevard star Luuk Ikink. “What a publicity blunder that was to include that in that case.”


Looking back, Luuk Ikink, the presenter of the country’s most viewed show section, finds it unbelievable that Rachel Hazes has been litigating over the nickname she received from Yvonne Coldeweijer. The juice queen may never call the quarreling widow ‘cremated croquette’ again, and many people think that goes a long way.

Publicity blunder

Actually, Rachel should never have brought up that croquette, says Luuk The BLVD Podcast. “What a publicity blunder that was to include that in that case. That has also been added. It was not in that case at all at first.”

He continues: “If she hadn’t done that, no one would have mentioned that pet name, that mini-swear word, and everyone would have thought: okay, there’s quite a bit to the fact that she has now won.”

Dirty thief

Colleague Rob Goossens doesn’t think it’s such a nasty nickname at all. “If Yvonne Coldeweijer had said: ‘Rachel is a dirty thief’, or something like that, which is not necessarily a very crazy allegation in the context of that legacy, but stealing is punishable, so you accuse someone of something punishable. If the judge then says: ‘You can’t just say that’, then I understand.”

“But right, you know… This is obviously meant to be funny. Do you have to draw the line at non-tasteful then? Didn’t she lie down under that sunbed herself?”

‘Let go!’

Luuk thinks that Rachel has very long toes. “At a certain point you also have to think: let go.”

Rob: “It should be clear that Rachel hates Yvonne Coldeweijer. (…) I think that the cremated croquette will soon become the word of the year or something like that, so that the whole of the Netherlands will associate Rachel Hazes with a cremated croquette for the rest of their lives.”

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