The Supreme Committee was forced to reimburse the damaged supporters, while shifting the blame to the construction companies

    Fans left on the street, without hotel rooms to stay. A big mess happened in Doha, for which the World Cup organization has now had to apologize, offering a refund to the damaged supporters. The problem arose from some villages that were supposed to host unfinished visitors to the emirate for faults attributable to the construction company. Qatar had offered fans accommodation in desert camps, containers transformed into very basic rooms, at 200 euros a night, with shared bathrooms. But many of these temporary settlements have never even been completed, such as that of the Village of Rawdat al Jahhaniya.

    supreme committee

    Now the Supreme Committee (definition almost from Fantozzi’s film…), headed by the Qatari government, has authorized the reimbursement of 100% of the expenses incurred by damaged fans: “We know that some supporters have had delays in choosing of the village where to stay – said the Committee – The fault is attributable to the owners and builders of the accommodations, which are managed by private individuals. Many have also not reached the required standards and which were advertised at the time of the sale. Although not directly responsible , the Supreme Committee takes it upon itself to rectify these errors, offering refunds or alternative accommodations at its expense”. ESPN, which published an article on its website describing the supporters’ hardships, attempted to speak to the telephone hotline that deals with accommodation, but on the other end of the line, an answering machine always answered with the message: “The system is maintenance, please call back”.