Very irritating: a group of flies that flies squares under your lamps all day, or is stuck on your windows. Flies love being indoors, especially in your kitchen. They are attracted to food odors, but do not like very specific odors.

    These plants think flies smell bad

    Nature is happy to lend you a hand to prevent the flies from entering your living room without a fly curtain in your doorway. The animals find the smell of basil terribly disgusting.

    According to research from Dublin Live Reports, you can significantly reduce the number of flies if you put a basil plant in your window frame, or near an open door. Another plant that deters flies is mint. Put a few plants in the kitchen and or the living room, and the flies will no longer like you.

    More tips to prevent flies at home

    In addition to mint and basil plants, it is wise not to leave sweet drinks on the table or counter, to wash your dirty dishes immediately or to store them in the dishwasher, to change the litter box in time (dung flies find this smell very nice) and keep the sink dry. Also, don’t leave your food unattended. check? Then your house will be fly-free this summer.


    June 26, 2022