Suzan & Freek are quite flared by the well-known television duo Gijs Groenteman and Marcel van Roosmalen. They find the singing couple incredibly boring. “Put cocaine in it!”

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    Suzan & Freek’s complaining in their own documentary on Netflix comes back in their faces like a boomerang. The singing couple suddenly has to deal with quite a bit of negative publicity. For instance, they’ve taken quite a beating from some of the country’s top gossip bosses.


    The duo Gijs Groenteman and Marcel van Roosmalen now make the two in their podcast Another Day level with the ground. They prefer the coke-sniffing singer of Goldband to this singing ANWB couple.

    Marcel becomes deathly ill from the two. “We’ve had it with all that shit we’re getting now and that good Freek and Johanna or what’s their name?”

    Jesus Christ

    It is a horror, Gijs agrees. “I was still watching that documentary about Suzan and Freek. Jesus Christ, you just don’t know what you’re seeing. Then you think: stuff some cocaine in it for God’s sake.”

    According to him, Suzan is a terrible piss moustache. “Really, that woman is bitching about how tired she is and she doesn’t like after-parties and her voice might start to crackle a bit and she might even start to catch a cold. I really think: take a line of coke, because this is not going well. I think also towards Freek.”

    Brother and sister

    Marcel advises Freek to intervene and to call his Suzan to order. “Yes, but as a man Freek must of course just take matters into his own hands and say to each other: act normal, we are goddamn known as brother and sister, that is no longer of this time!”

    It can’t go on like this, the opinion maker concludes. “Come on!”